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Official State Bulletin: A Plan For National Post-War Prosperity - A Communique to the People of this Venerable Confederation - Part II

Since the publication of the first part of this series, my ideas have provoked a reaction among certain member states within the Confederation. First to criticize was [nation]MineLegotipony[/nation], whose  Senator Javehin von Tailspin regards the proposal of a Confederation pan-nationalism as antithetical to the general will which binds this Confederation together. To his mind, the objective of uniting the member states into a sturdier compact is preposterous, because he claims that the only common denominator among the states which make up the Confederation is the presence of an authoritarian political apparatus. He regards the opposition of the Confederation to the insanity of the World Assembly, presumably, to be justified on decentralist grounds, and holds that the utility of joining the Confederation is because the Confederation's opposition to the World Assembly seems to him to imply a defense for the sovereignty of each individual political unit. This philosophy is frankly dangerous, as the Confederation is surrounded by a multitude of enemies, ranging from the [region]Azure Watester Federation[/region] which was recently discovered to be in conspiracy with a former member of the Imperial Council, but most importantly the feederite hordes who control the World Assembly and use it as their bludgeon against our collective self-determinacy. Alone, individuals and groups are nothing; only the state confers volition upon the will of society. The Confederation is indeed rightfully conceived as a national entity unto itself and not merely a loose alliance. The contacts between the Confederation member states are strong, and whatever the particularity of local circumstances or ideology, all are united and subordinate before the Shadow Cult. As the lynchpin of the whole body politic, the devotion towards the Shadow Cult and His Supreme Majesty, the Shadow Emperor of [nation]Jocospor[/nation], is what holds the Confederation together, not a strategic consideration of cost-benefit analysis. This constitutes a cultural institution in itself and provides a basis for the closer and more systematic coordination of the Confederation member states to realizing our common ends: an end to feederite and WA supremacy and the final triumph of the Shadow Cult to dominate the entire NationStates world. With that said, the initial plan for the reconstruction of the Confederation can be expanded further to promote the pan-national initiative.


The development of a sprawling commercial infrastructure through subsidy by the Confederation government will serve to increase efficiency of resource distribution, boost production, and unify social, cultural, and economic relations among member states to achieve a more total unity, but it is equally important to the coordination of the entire pan-national union that industries spanning across the various member states are not merely permitted to function in total autonomy from one another. Autonomous, unsupervised management of the industrial base follows a laissez-faire mentality about the fluctuation of markets that inevitably results in the emergence of frictions which frustrate the maximum potential output of the factors of production. Rather, it is vital that the entire Confederation economy is integrated into a singular, central framework, in order so that targeted policies of intervention can be consolidated into a unified program for action. Ad hoc interventions staged on a disorganic basis are simply insufficient to engineering preconditions of industrial harmony and justice. The health of the state requires a lucid conception of material objectives, a delineation of the proper sphere of activity in which an industrial enterprise is considered to pursue socially productive ends, and a will to counteract the fluctuation of any variable in the systems of production that begins to exceed this sphere of activity. In other words, the state must be vitally active to orient industry towards serving the pan-national entity, which requires a large degree of macroeconomic planning and even microeconomic planning. However, this system must not be permitted to achieve socialistic objectives of obliterating the technical standards of the market economy. Indeed, this program may only be effective insofar as the structure of the market economy is preserved. Let us not forget that it was the Bolshevik scum who began the Vocryae incident and threw the Confederation into disarray. Let no one doubt that their end goal, the abolition of private property, would necessarily result in the extinction of the human personality itself, as the entrepreneurial drive which is necessary for the efficient organization of the systems of production would be extinguished with it. The socialist planned economy is a monstrous failure; bureaucratic planners who endeavor to micromanage the logistical aspects of resource distribution routinely underestimate the living requirements of consumers and miscalculate the movements of inputs down supply chains. Thus, famine, poverty, and desolation are the perennial consequence of communist attempts at staging a revolution. Indeed, I would even recommend that to the extent possible socialist member states ought to be compelled to begin large-scale privatization by the Confederation government, to generate more taxable revenue for reconstruction. The model which the Confederation government ought to pursue with the awesome power concentrated in its apparatus is a system that will subjugate private industries to the state, in order so that the state may utilize private industry as a controlled instrument for promoting material recovery of the Confederation's war-ravaged people.

[i][u]Abolition of Unearned Income[/u][/i]

Just as my support for the responsibility demonstrated by industrialists when endowed with a private stake in the ownership of industry should not be misconstrued as a liberalistic support for the automatic fluctuations of unregulated markets, so it should also not be interpreted as a show of support for the beneficence of private enterprise in every field. Rejecting the labor theory of value, Zendirism applauds the class of entrepreneurs when subjected to the stable discipline of careful state supervision, but an entrepreneur's naturalistically molded social function involves the application of a superior rationale as regards the organization of the factors of production to achieve the most utilitarian use of all available resources, guided by the profit motive. An entrepreneur is not the same as a landlord, a rent-seeker, a speculator, or a lender, all of which are manifestations of financial parasitism which represent exploitation of the people through debt creation, gambling on the fluctuation of market values of commodities, and unproductive manipulation of the natural inequalities in distributions of land resources. As such, it is entirely responsible for the state to usurp major functions of the economy directly, in order to liberate the public from enslavement to these widespread yet fraudulent practices. Likewise, the incomes of private economic actors which accrue capital through "enterprises" classified as financially parasitic ought to be seized to fill the state's coffers.

[i][u]Health and Safety[/u][/i]

The state has a primary responsibility to ruthlessly defend the common weal, even and especially when the material requirements for achieving the common weal contradict the requirements for securing the welfare of a foreign people. The civil conflict which has wreaked such havoc upon the Confederation has brought many of our own people to an abject state of misery and despair. Just as I previously recommended that the Confederation government must take extraordinary, thrusting action to protect the livelihoods of the people from further degradation, I now advise that the state must develop a centralized public healthcare system that will guarantee the well-being of every Confederation subject. The method which I would prescribe is a single-payer system funded out of the coffers of the Treasury, extended throughout every Confederation member state, to insure a certain amount of coverage of medical costs no matter the particularity of local circumstance. In addition, as hygiene concerns not only medicine but also working conditions, a list of official guidelines ought to be implemented governing TLVs (transient limit values) and BEIs (biological exposure indices), in order to protect workers against hazardous levels of exposure to potentially toxic substances in industrial plants. Some consideration should also be given to more generous guarantees of work week regulation and unemployment insurance.

The Republic of Ridnez