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His Excellency the President of the Kamchatka Republic, Feodor Vladimirov

“Who is this again? Martha? Okay, let me tell you this one time Martha: I wake up every night screaming.”
- His Excellency the President of the Kamchatka Republic, Feodor Vladimirov, using a candlestick telephone he acquired from a friend for the first time

Feodor Vladimirov is a former Imperial Russian Army major general who became the President of the newly founded Kamchatka Republic. He was a commander in the Russo-Japanese War and then a member of the White Movement in the Russian Civil War.

Feodor Vladimirov

You Can (Not) Save Russia

President of Kamchatka

Assumed office
7 April 1924 — Incumbent

Preceded by
Position established

Personal details

31 December 1884 (52)
Moscow, Russian Empire

"The Tsar of Kamchatka"

Galina Fedorova

Feodor Vladimirov Jr.

Alexander Vladimirov

Lada Vladimirovna

Aloysha Vladimirov

Artyom Vladimirov

When the Russian Empire collapsed and the White Movement fading into insignificance, Vladimirov established the Provisional Russian Government in Kamchatka, which was later renamed the Kamchatka Republic when the Soviets won the civil war.

While officially a republic, Kamchatka is in practice an autocratic military dictatorship under Major General Vladimirov. Starting his tenure as President of Kamchatka in 1924, Feodor imposed martial law in the country and introduced universal conscription for men between the ages of eighteen to forty-five years of age, including a sentence to six months in prison or the death penalty if they refuse to join. These men are forced to serve in the White Army of Kamchatka, the last armed formation in the defunct White Movement. He ordered his troops through his officers to track down and eliminate suspected communists and communist sympathizers all over the Kamchatka Peninsula in a purge called the Kamchatka Cleansing.

In spite of his heavy-handed dictatorship, Feodor is an inept administrator. He had presided over a program which was to fully industrialize Kamchatka; it was described as "the greatest failure" and his approval ratings plummeted. He is deeply unpopular with the people though he manages to put them in a vice grip using his own secret police, made up and managed by the few surviving members of Russia’s Okhrana. In recent events, Major General Feodor Vladimirov has allied the Kamchatka Republic with the Republic of China under Chiang Kai-shek, a Chinese military leader and political leader of the Kuomintang.

Feodor Vladimirov is a military tactician in the former Imperial Russian Army, naturally adept in maneuvering troops on the ground. He has not yet embraced the latest technology of the twentieth century which are tanks and aeroplanes.

Politically, Feodor was an adherent for a democratic Russia; he expected the Russian people will do away the Tsarist regime that ruled the crumbling empire for three-hundred years, hoping that a democracy would be set up in his country. He began to lose faith in a democratic Russia when the Russian Republic, under the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky, began to fall apart. And when the Russian people rallied to the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin, showing their support to establishing a communist Russia, Feodor completely abandoned democracy, remarking

“We have failed as a nation.”

Feodor Vladimirov’s personality can be summed up like this: Feodor is a leader with poor social skills; he is moody, sensitive, hates loud noises, and does not know how to handle to criticism, nor does he know how to properly express his emotions and thoughts. He becomes irritable quite easily. Feodor’s greatest strengths are his courage, patriotism, intelligence, and his integrity but because of his weaknesses combined with his execrable leadership, he is not well received by his own people and the international community.

Unlike Admiral Alexander Kolchak, Major General Vladimirov did not seek support from foreign nations during the civil war, but rather wanted to liberate Russia and its people with "Russians and just Russians, not British, French nor Americans". He became distrustful of any and all influence from the countries and their governments who backed the White Movement in the war until they betrayed Kolchak to the Bolshevik forces.

Because he possesses poor social skills and a distrusting attitude from outside influence, President Vladimirov does not possess the set of skills that is required of him—The President of Kamchatka—when he would one day seek support from the rest of the world.

Vladimirov loves eating eggs.

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