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Top 5 Best Tourist Destinations

[color=Orange][b]Mozimo Travel Organization[/b]

Due to the recent outbreak of the DN virus at the Southside of Mozimo. We have officially put a quarantine order for the Southside. NO TOURISTS/MOZIMO CITIZENS ARE ALLOWED AT THE SOUTHSIDE QUARANTINE ZONE!

Are you a tourist and your planning a trip to Mozimo? Are you wondering what is the best tourist destinations in the country? Well, we got you covered. Here are the top 5 best tourist destinations in Mozimo:

[list][*]#1 - The Grand Triangle (Most expensive mall in Mozimo)
[*]#2 -  Oplic River Valley and Mountain Ranges (Feat. the tallest mountain in Mozimo at 27,000 and the widest river in Mozimo.)
[*]#3 -  Ace Amusement Park (The largest amusement park in Mozimo which features 32 giga coasters, 12 strata coasters, and over 200 other roller coasters including a 600 ft roller coaster.)
[*]#4 - Goligo City (The oldest city in Mozimo which has the lots of history.) 
[*]#5 - Lenx Fortress & Castle (Home to the former General of Mozimo and one of the oldest/largest fortress in Mozimo.)
Remember that if you are a tourist that is coming to Mozimo, you will need an Certified Mozimo Tourist Permit to enter our country.