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Illirican History Remaster

Rise From the Ashes

The Illiricii tribe was a peaceful civilisation that liked to stick to itself. They where regularly harassed by other more powerful civilisations which froced them to search for a new home. In 579 BC Illiricans migrated to the north reaching the Illirican Islands and colonising them. The climate was perfect and the Illiricans where finally safe from any danger. The Illirican civilisation in 475 BC split into clans which where a form of ''Proto-Illirican Nations''. Most strongest and most influential where Illirica and Pacifica. For hundreds of years clans lived in relative peace until St. Pavle, Duke of Illirica started the ''First Great Island War''. The ''Great Peace'' was signed in Alexandria in 310 BC, it lasted for 5 years until Illirica and Pacifica formed an alliance and conquered smaller nations leaving only Voivodina and Zorian. In 296 BC Illirica and Pacifica form the official and glorious ''Kingdom of Illiricium'', that same year Illiricium would end up annexing Voivodina. The Kingdom would have frendly relations with its neighbours contacting the Mainland nations and civilisations.

The Great Collapse

The Illirican civilisation for hunderds of years stayed isolated and safe from any invasion and Illiricium entered a ''Golden Age of science and culture. Other than the Royal Guard military was nonexistent making it easy for any invasion to happen. In the year 456 Illiricium and Zorian where attacked without a warning by the Enadian Kingdom. Illiricans fought a 10 year brutal war for survival but it was hopeless. The Illirican Civilisation fell... fell to be inslaved for more than a thousand years. The Enadians brought with them many illneses that killed off 80% of the population. Illiricium fell...but not forever...

New Dawn

The Enadian rule saw Illiricium getting divided into 5 Autonomous Regions. Not many migrants came, those who came to live in ''The Colonies'' would usualy get killed or harassed by the population. As Tarra reached the 16'th century, many Illiricans studied in the Mainland just so that they can come back to The Colonies and open up their own schools and universities. The Illirican population would get smarter and smarter dush end up seeing in what state was the Enadian Empire. That knowledge led to the formation of many radical movments, most promenent being the Illirican Broderhood led by a young and educated man and a hero named ''Marko Ćosić''. He would travel all across the Colonies radicalising people and arming them for an upcoming revolution. In 1715 came the time to revolt against the tirany of the Empire. All over the nation in major cities the Red Flag with a Black Crossin the corner would end up rising. It took 5 years for the Broderhood to liberate Illiricium. In 1720 the heroic nation finally got its independence as a Free Republic... but everyone knows that peace and Illiricium dont go hand in hand and a new enemy would rise... this time... from within...

The Rise of Evil

Many where unhappy with the New Republic especailly when it reopened relations with Enadia and other nations, they wanted to remain pure and isolated... ''No longer shall Illiricium work with those who brought injustice to our people'' is what they said. Whenever the Republic passed a progresive law they would riot and clash with the military. They called themselfs ''Fascists'' and they wanted nothing but pure Illiricium. Just 15 years after the ''War of Independence'' the Fascist Barbarians would rise up in 1735 starting the ''First Illirican Civil War''. In 1736, Alexandria would fall into chaos and with it The Republic would collapse into Anarchy, the only thing that stood against the Fascists where small untrained militias and the Republics Loyalists led by Marko Ćosić. They where easily defeated and Marko Ćosić would end up being executed in 1737. Jovan Ilić would end up becoming the first Fascist Dictator Illiricium would have... but there was still hope for the young nation. A illegal socialist party would be formed and their goal... the destruction of fascism forever...