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TBB Economic Report Week Of March 29 To April 5

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The market increased substantially this week with huge gains in its overall rating. This week overall the economy went from 64 to a strong 80.92. Now we head to the average income which also soared this week rising to a great 67,000 average euro-pound income. The employment rate dipped very low down this week. But late in the week it started to make a comeback. The manufacturing index showed a 7,513.69 at the end of the week. On the complete opposite side the agricultural index shows 1,038.32 to end the week. That was your general report, we head over to the market section for the individual reports.

Arms Manufacturing - [color=green]2,431.56[/color]

Automobile Manufacturing - [color=green]4,983.95[/color]

Festive Goods - [color=red]98.17[/color]

Food And Drink Sales - [color=red]-9.00[/color]

Book Publishing - [color=green]5,776.85[/color]

Food Exports - [color=red]1,449.88[/color]

Home Necessities - [color=green]4,228.81[/color]

Gambling - [color=red]866.91[/color]

Info Tech - [color=red]1,208.23[/color]

Insurance - [color=green]4,606.38[/color]

Mining - [color=red]1,208.23[/color]

Goods Delivery - [color=green]2,960.17[/color]

Retail - [color=red]-8.25[/color]

Environmental Industry - [color=red]1,963.38[/color]

Fishing - [color=red]-2.68[/color]

Special thanks to [nation]Noristoniaka[/nation] for helping make this possible. And tomorrow will be the first edition of the TBB news!