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Heaveria for FNR President 2021


President 2021: Choose Heaveria!

Itís this April 2021 that I announce my bid to become your president for a second term and to build upon the progress of my last term. Much of the revitalization continues until today. Though, I am certain that more can be done and we can be more than stagnant. I am also certain we can set ourselves up for long-term success and prosperity. It is fundamental that we put a focal point on our new members. Through legislative standardization and new traditions, we can ensure that my administration's unique policies centralize and ease the access to opportunities, will continue for multiple generations. We will put an effort into the future blood of FNR.

In addition to the focal point of new members, we need a push out of stagnation and have an increase in our workload. Our World Assembly program has seen few new ideas or implementations of those ideas. Tyulenistan and I have a clear idea of where the WA can head, that we will outline. We also believe that the workload of our ministers is light and can seem slow at times. Unique policies will be implemented to ensure activity whilst assigning more duties in certain ministries.

Thank you for your support in the last term and during my term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. I sincerely hope that our concrete plans and ideas will be a major factor in your continued support.

Centralization & Ease-of-Access
Why? At the moment, things often seem scattered or out-of-date.

Jobs & Oppertunities
Posts about job opportunities are often random and easily missed. We need to simplify the process of showing new people opportunities and how to act upon them. For that, we need to centralize our job listings. That entails:

1. Consistently updated dispatch for job opportunities.
i. With accurate descriptions and a clear path on how to obtain the job.
ii. To include a centralized area for the Apprenticeship Program.

2. Merge apprenticeship information into the Jobs & Opportunities Dispatch

3. Dedicated spot in Discord with all listings.

4. Biweekly prepared telegrams outlining potential opportunities.

For many many administrations, we have promised to simplify and get all dispatches up-to-date. While progress has been made, we must strategically tackle this issue so we can achieve satisfying results.
1. Most importantly, create a schedule with set deadlines. The schedule will span the administration, but depending on staffing could be largely accelerated.

2. Establish a centralized method for requesting dispatch updates. The initial idea is a Google Form, where anyone (especially ministers) can request their changes to dispatches. This keeps a clear queue and logs that allows focused work and oversight by the President.

WA Program
Our WA program has been stagnant for far too long. There are various routes of inspiration to put on our future WA delegate. Unfortunately, our WA program operates on the bare minimum of voting, when there is so much more that can be done.

1. A centralized archive of our decisions in a dispatch with a reason. A prime concept in many well-developed regions.

2. Posting our decisions to vote on WA resolutions on the NSGP forum. This will additionally raise our order in the list of regions and have us stand out more often causing a bump in foreign affairs.

3. Introduce legislation that would mandate the WA delegate at minimum attempt to author WA resolutions.

4. Region-Wide authored resolutions! Not only would bright minds collaborate together and overcome creative roadblocks, but this would be a fun innovative event in which the region collaboratively authors a resolution. This could show to be a door to sparking interest.

5. Majorly enhanced endotarting program. Endotarting is the act of endorsing many nations at once. This would be a two-part program. (1) Through the help of custom code and our bot developer, we could make it easier to receive the list of endorsable nations and receive a direct link to said nation. (2) Through more custom code, we can set up a system in which the WA delegate and his staff are able to filter out new nations that have joined our region. Through this, nations who do not yet endorse the WA can be targeted with telegrams. Not only does a raise in WA numbers positively reflect on the region, but it can a factor in keeping people interested on-site leading to more members.

Foreign Affairs
In order to grow and be successful, it is imperative that the FNR constantly assesses our relationships with other regions in order to focus on those regions that are eager to demonstrate bilateral cooperation. While the FNR has made strides when it comes to our relationship with other regions there are actions that can be taken to strengthen higher-value relationships.

1. Prioritize reciprocal relationships. shutting down embassies, which offer little strategic value to the FNR and that are invaluable partners who cause time-consuming upkeep, can help the region strengthen ties with more beneficial relationships.

2. Appointing ambassadors. In an effort to build a broader coalition of representatives for the region it is imperative that all ambassador positions are filled with knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. The Job & Opportunities Program will help fill positions as needed.

3. Interregional communication and relationship building. By ensuring that monthly updates are posted and that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture work in conjunction to host relationship-building possibilities that bilaterally help both us and our allies.

Unique Policies
If we are to be a Catalyst for Progress, we must stand out and make bold policy decisions:

1. 8-Day Vote-of-no-Confidence Policy. If a member of government is inactive for 8 days, an automatic Vote-of-no-Confidence shall be submitted to the speaker. As is standard procedure, the people will be able to vote on this. We will remain very empathetic and understanding to those who need to take a Leave of Absence and there will therefore be an exception. Though, we must remain consequent to those who arenít part of the regions continuing progress.

Some of my other notable positions in my NS include, but are not limited to:

  • Former President - FNR (The Free Nations Region)

  • New Founder - FNR (Current)

  • Co-Founder & Vice-Archmaster - Kaer Solas (Current)

  • Magister - The East Pacific (Current)

  • Chief Justice - FNR

  • Moderator in various servers (including FNR and Consortium)

  • Minister of Census - UDS (The Union of Democratic States) (Retired)

  • Associate Justice - UDS (Retired)

  • Chief Justice - UDS (Retired)

  • TSP Citizen

  • TEP Citizen

  • SPSF Member

  • Haut Conseil Member - The Consortium

Let's take the success of the last term and continue on with progress!

Do not replicate in part or in whole without permission.

The Republic of Heaveria