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Gufand For Speaker! - April 2021

Draft: Subjected to changes
Gufand For Speaker!
April 2021

Who am I?
I am Gufand, your current speaker, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs. I've been working in the government for a few months now, and I know my job very well. I've been fulfilling the duties of the office since then, and I, if re-elected, will keep doing so, and will develop further what should I be doing to encourage more people to get onboard and be active in the legislature.

Achievements so far
Throughout my term, there had been a bunch of achievements in the legislature

  • The legislature reached its' 50th vote

  • The legislature had a record-breaking 12 votes in 6 days

  • Debates being more active in Discord, and now they were brought to the RMB.

What do I plan?
I've planned a few more achievements I'd like to get done in my next term:

  • Increase the amount of bills presented to the legislature, this can be done through encouragement messages, going along other messages posted related to the legislature. Anyone would also be able to contact me if they have any questions, to ensure the quallity of bills, if they are correctly written, and so on.

  • Release monthly a legislative update through a regional telegram, this and the goal mentioned above could be done together.

Secondary Achievements

  • Post a dispatch to serve as a guide(Similar to My Nation's one, but updated) to help future speakers, and to make work faster, and more efficient.

  • Centralize, and compile all existing laws and rules for the legislature into 1 law, to ease the job of the Speaker, and accessibillity from the general public to the legal texts, establishing the Legislature.