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It's Theme Thursday!

It's Thursday and you know what that means. Wait, no you don't, unless you're in TNP's RP or General discord servers but ZOINKS! There's no time to explain. There's some bad guys on the loose and they're coming after us, so I need your help. If enough of you change your flags to a Hanna-Barbera (or Cartoon Network) cartoon character, then we'll be able to defeat and unmask the villains - and solve this mystery!

So here's what I need you to do dudes:

Change your flag to a Hanna-Barbera, or Cartoon Network, character and send a telegram to Madjack saying you have. He'll make sure you get noted down in our spreadsheet and you'll get a shout out in a dispatch published on Monday - and the winner will get to decide MadJack's flag for one week.

Make sure to post on the RMB and get involved in this and our April Fools Day stuff too! Let's get silly.

This is the first time we're bringing our successful Theme Thursday event to the main NS site, and I hope to see as many as you as possible getting involved!