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Ciroian Space Program

Ciroi is now working on a space program. Here are the current details:
PHR Type I: Not enough fuel to reach the Karman line, no parachutes, fuel containers crumpled and were destroyed. FAILED
PHR Type II: Passed the Karman line, reaching 135 miles, no heat shields on fuel containers, fuel container exploded. FAILED
PHR Type III: Reached 160 miles, No problems until parachutes destroyed, fuel containers slightly crumpled, sabotage suspected. NEEDS FURTHER TESTING
PHR Type III Test II: Reached 165 miles, no problems until landing, spaceship fell to right, no damage. FAILED
PHR Type IV: Reached 190 miles, no problems, marked as start of project's success. FAILED
PHR Type V: Reached 220 miles, no problems until TM taken hostage, ship exploded. NEEDS FURTHER TESTING
PHR Type V Test II: Reached 220 miles, no problems. SUCCEEDED
CSSP Piece I: In orbit, 2 PHRVs destroyed, traitor shot. SUCCEEDED

Current precautions:
Guards around takeoff site
No civilians near rocket during liftoff or reentry
Only authorized personnel in rocket managing site

The Queendom of Ciroi II