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DTIS in depth (Mostly General RP) (WIP)

DTIS (acronym for Digital Telephone Interface System/Suite) is a telecommunication protocol, developed in 80s in former Ikheria SFSR, former Soviet Union, and intended as successor of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). DTIS refine and changing many of ISDN technology, making DTIS considered as Internet Protocol for phones and hitting Eurasian market with some Western European and Asian telecom companies interested and requesting access to this novel technology, and in the Soviet Union, Central Committee of Communist Party of Ikheria (Ikherian branch of Communist Party of Soviet Union) awarding 50 developers and scientist with Order of the Red Banner of Labor, on behalf of General Secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union for their invention and successful pilot deployment in Minsk and Warsaw (now Yeltsingrad). RELCOM Ikheria/SovIkherTel also awarded. Major deployment began in Ikheria, Russia, Ukraine, and East Germany, followed with remaining Soviet republics and some Western nations.

DTIS inherited many ISDN capabilities (Caller/Called Line Identification, Multiple Subscriber Number, High-speed data communication, etc) and some new capabilities (SMS/MMS/Rich Messaging-like text messaging system, more faster connection set-up time, improved security and privacy (using DES and AES), ONAD (One Number, All Device), and etc). DTIS also capable to be transporter and be transported for/by Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6, TCP/UDP, and others.

DTIS define interface reference area into 3 zone:

  • NNI (Network to Network Interface)

    This interface area defined as interconnection interface between DTIS exchange/PBX system. This area are under provider/administrator control.

  • UNI (User to Network Interface, from subscriber view) or NUI (Network to User Interface, from DTIS exchange/PBX view)

    This interface, also known as "The middle area", defined as interconnection interface, bridging NNI and UUI area, starting from Subscriber Connection Module (in DTIS exchange) to master device with Terminal Register and Controller (like PBX systems, DTIS telephone, etc), with DNTC (DTIS Network Termination Controller, DTIS iNID unit) in subscriber premises act as demarcation point and provide local network control, service management, and as testing system for network and user side. This interface fall under joint subscriber/provider control.

  • UUI (User to User Interface)

    UUI are defined as an interconnection interface between all DTIS terminal device whom connected into master device/DNTC, directly and indirectly, in that premise.