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by The People's Federation of South Reinkalistan. . 45 reads.

Chapter 2.5

#dungeonBool3Closed Room

[cdgenesis has joined the room]

jsawer: hey

cdgenesis: yo
cdgenesis: hows things

jsawer: honestly not bad
jsawer: well
jsawer: *all things considered*, not bad
jsawer: which i guess is a lot better than a lot of people can say

cdgenesis: yh i get the feeling
cdgenesis: feeling like crap but also like you don't deserve to bitch about it

jsawer: basically
jsawer: so hbu?

cdgenesis: i've decided im gonna do it

jsawer: do what
jsawer: oh
jsawer: ok no cd we've been over this
jsawer: it's a terrible idea
jsawer: things are bad but you don't have to cross the line to make them better

cdgenesis: you don't LIVE on the line, j
cdgenesis: you know we're not allowed to LEAVE
cdgenesis: i've been here forever, since i was born
cdgenesis: all because i might be a damned vanguardist spy
cdgenesis: me
cdgenesis: 19 y/o
cdgenesis: a spy for the io?
cdgenesis: the security is crushing
cdgenesis: i just want things to change
cdgenesis: even if i have to live under "tyranny" to do it

jsawer: why the quote marks around tyranny
jsawer: bro you know how it is that side of the border
jsawer: you've seen photos
jsawer: the things that they do

cdgenesis: who showed you those photos

jsawer: i remember seeing it on the news

cdgenesis: right and who owns the news
cdgenesis: rich people, capitalists
cdgenesis: you know. the enemies of the reds. and you trust them to be unbiased?

jsawer: dude i don't like this
jsawer: i don't like this at all
jsawer: listen to yourself
jsawer: it's what they want you to think

cdgenesis: they
cdgenesis: THEY
cdgenesis: they they they they they
cdgenesis: THEM.
cdgenesis: is that all you can think about
cdgenesis: YOU listen to yourself
cdgenesis: them, us. us, them.
cdgenesis: propaganda working as intended

jsawer: what are you talking about
jsawer: don't you live on the line
jsawer: saying stuff like this can get you imprisoned
jsawer: or you can end up like the vanguardists
jsawer: im sure that'd be fun

cdgenesis: that's why i'm running
cdgenesis: don't need to care anymore
cdgenesis: if anyone reads this they won't be able to catch me

jsawer: you'll want them to

cdgenesis: sure lol
cdgenesis: keep being a model citizen btw
cdgenesis: look good for the inspectors
cdgenesis: ;)

jsawer: bro you don't have to do this
jsawer: bro
jsawer: please answer me
jsawer: please
jsawer: please
jsawer: please

[cdgenesis has left the room]