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Vote Against GA resolution Blood Donation Safety And Equality Act

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Blood Donation Safety And Equality Act
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to remove discriminatory practices in eligibility for blood donation. To this end, this proposal then removes those restrictions while allowing for safety protocols to be put in place to prevent the spread of disease before also stating a framework for sharing information on blood donation and its potential risks.

While certainly removing arbitrary barriers to blood donation is a noble goal, this proposal misses the mark in several ways. First, it does not recognize that screening practices exist post-blood donation which renders moot the need for penalties for those who donate blood while having, or not knowing they have, a blood-borne illness. Secondly, this proposal works against itself-stating an ambiguous case for uniform, universal safety standards instead of recognizing the need for different standards for different donors.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against the General Assembly Resolution at vote, "Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act".

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