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Rekkutomel Info (LGOTOW)

The Rekkutomel has roughly 600,000 active sympathisers or members of the organisation.

The number of militants here is between 40,000 and 70,000.

They were supplied by allies principally through the Derriek Pass which weaved through the Kaskian mountains; now security in the mountains has been greatly strengthened after the 2009 Patriotic War. Now it is brought in through limited submarine or aerial supply around the north-eastern coast.

Currently two major airfields are in the hands of the resistance.

The resistance is in possession of 150 armoured vehicles, mostly scout cars and old IFVs. There is a handful of tanks in their possession but they lack most of the training and logistical support required to run them. Support from the far-north Dhoerish Union in the form of military advisors and instructors has also helped the Rekkutomel for decades.

The industrial capacity of the Rekkutomel is also somewhat nebulous, with a not insignificant variety of ammunition plants dotted around the country. While a lot of these amount to a few people illegally producing ammunition in their off-time with hand-powered ammunition presses, a large facility with relatively modern industrial equipment is known to be somewhere in the forests of central Kaskia.

Aerial capabilities of the Rekkutomel are rather limited. They have around 20 TkaN-30 fighter Aircraft (OOC: Su-30 equivalents), ten passenger planes and one TkaN-X Skyrush fifth-gen fighter aircraft that has been repaired and hidden after being shot down by rebel SAMs in 2018. The P.F.R.'s loss of this state-of-the-art stealth aircraft is a source of great embarrassment for the regime and they are rather intent on getting it back or at the very least shooting it down out of rebel hands. Regardless, the amount of pilots trained to operate aircraft is, again, limited.

The current base of the Rekkutomel is in Fort Maykay north of Vatodak.