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SC Recommendation Archive: Opinions on 'Condemn Scardino' | OWL


'Condemn Scardino'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Condemn Scardino'
Author: The Python
Purpose: To condemn Scardino for their extensive involvement in the raidersphere, most notably in Lone Wolves United and Osiris, and an attempted coup of the East Pacific.


.No Recommendation.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Condemn Scardino", references the nominee's long-time involvement in raiding, e.g. founding the notorious raiding organization Lone Wolves United, as well as other acts against regional sovereignty, such as their coup d'etat against the government of the East Pacific, in order to justify condemning them. However, while these deeds may indeed warrant a condemnation from the Security Council, questions have been raised regarding both research ‒ namely, factual inaccuracies in the clauses describing the usurpation of power in Lazarus ‒ and wording in general, with OWL voters split over whether this completely strikes the proposal down. Thus, OWL doesn't issue a specific recommendation for voting on the at-vote resolution, "Condemn Scardino".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

The Stickmin Empire is a legislator of the South Pacific.

The Stickmin Empire wrote:You know what? At least this one has more than 2 sentences.

From the World

HECKeria is a resident of the Pacific. They stated on the NS forums:

HECKeria wrote:I agree with OP. Scardino has done some really bad stuff, and we need to condemn them. If this turns out to be poorly written, we can simply update it later. Not sure why the majority of nations don't like this proposal.


From TSP Citizens

SouthernSanity is a legislator of the South Pacific and a former Delegate of 10000 Islands.

SouthernSanity wrote:Non-WA Against -- proposal is poorly constructed, not thoroughly researched, and gives notoriety to a raider.

From the World

Wischland is the Delegate of 10000 Islands. On XKI's forums, they argued:

Wischland wrote:While I applaud the author's effort to write a condemnation of a raider, instead of a commend in disguise, the support of both the nominee and other members of Lone Wolves United indicates that this will be taken as a badge of honor and a method to promote their organization regardless. In order to avoid legitimizing the harmful practice of raiding, and awarding those who raid, I have personally voted against, and encourage others to do the same.