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The Valsora Treaty Organization (VTO)

The Valsora Treaty Organization

The Valsoran Treaty Organization (VTO) is a military and political alliance overseen by the Security Council, a coalition of two powerful nation-states, that is dedicated to the mutual defense and prosperity of all nations involved. The VTO is committed to order and security on the home front, but will not hesitate to declare war in order to protect the greater interests of the alliance abroad. Major decisions are made through the consensus of the Security Council, but nations of the General Assembly are protected by and given a voice in the VTO as a whole. Members of the VTO may also elect to not commit themselves to enforcing the decisions of the Security Council, but may not oppose it. Their actions may or may not lead to their removal from the VTO by the Security Council.

History of the VTO

Upon founding, the Security Council of the VTO was established, with its permanent members consisting of The Directorate and The USR. Shortly after, three General Assembly members were inducted into the alliance as founding members - Volinovia, Cardonia, and Karatol-Advenra.

In response to the Dabiristanian attack on Dancia, the VTO opened the War Room about a counter-attack. After some deliberation behind closed doors, the VTO declared war against the Empire of Dabiristan. The war ended with the signing of a peace treaty. During the war, The Xi Dongfeng Dynasty was admitted into the VTO.