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President Calvin Coolidge Announces Ovation


Contact Information (Discord): Monkey#7620

(Europeia, 20 March 2021) - On Friday afternoon, President Calvin Coolidge bestowed an ovation, Europeia's highest civilian honor, upon his predecessor,former President Pichtonia. Earlier that day, Pichtonia announced his retirement from NationStates.

"[Pichtonia] has been a dedicated public servant, taking the role of Minister in several roles, most notably Radio, Communications, and Foreign Affairs," remarked the president, who noted that Pichtonia is one of our top three longest serving heads of government.

Upon the conclusion of the address, President Calvin Coolidge announced his nomination of Pichtonia for an ovation, and delivered the request before the Senate. The senate unanimously passed the ovation nomination.

"Pichtonia's success and impact in recent years is widespread and cannot be denied. He has been someone who it is impossible to not respect, even when you strongly disagree," remarked Senator Common-Sense Politics. "It has been a pleasure to know him and to serve with him and I will be very happy to support his Ovation."

"[A]fter five good years, I've decided to leave NS for the time being," said Pichtonia in a short statement announcing his retirement. "Thanks to and for all the friendships made, and thanks to all for 'enduring' me, and I would be surprised if we didn't see each other again."

Upon passage of the ovation, the recipient is honored with a ceremony, where they are bestowed with the Order of Republica medal and Honoured Citizen status.