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Welcome to Europeia!

The Europeian Government is pleased to welcome you to our region!

We've all been new at one point so we wanted to provide a checklist of things to do and look at to guide you in your first few days. None of these things are mandatory, but they all provide ways in which you can get more out of your membership of Europeia. They are presented in an order that we believe make sense, but many of the activities can be completed in a different order, or skipped completely if they don't align with your current interests. For example, you can join our Citizens' Assembly without joining the Navy, and vice versa. Just click a chevron ([>]) to see the corresponding area.

Note that many of the links require that you have created a forum account before you will be able to access them.

Link[>] Create an account on our offsite forum!
We coordinate most of our activity via the forum. Registering opens up a whole world of interesting activities to help you get the most out of your time in the region.

Link[>] Apply for Citizenship!
Once you have registered, the next thing you want to do is apply for Citizenship. This will allow you to fully take part in our community.

Link[>] Introduce Yourself!
The next thing you want to do is introduce yourself. Start a thread and say "hey!" -- let us know a little about you and what your interests are.

[>] Join the World Assembly!
Having your nation in the World Assembly helps you to start building influence in the region. You should also check out our World Assembly Advancement Program for instructions on how to join the World Assembly, and for ideas on what to do once you are a member.

Link[>] Join one or more of our regional chats!
We are a very social region and have several on-going chats where our members get to know each other, hang out, and generally have fun. Consider joining our LinkDiscord server, or tuning in to LinkEBC Radio on Mixlr.

Link[>] Read the Europeian Handbook!
The handbook include a rundown on how everything in Europeia works and can be an invaluable resource in your first few weeks. However, if anything isn't clear, our experienced members are always more than willing to answer questions - just ask!

Link[>] How can I Get Involved?
This thread will help newcomers get started in the Executive Government. It describes our various ministries and provides quick links to apply for each one!

Link[>] Join the Navy!
The Europeian Republican Navy (or ERN for short) is one of the most active and longest running military forces in NationStates. It's a great way to build camaraderie with your fellow sailors and develop a name for yourself in the region, as well as meet prominent members of other regions when out on operations.

Link[>] Get Involved in the Citizens' Assembly!
The Citizens' Assembly (or CA for short) is our lay-legislative body. All citizens can participate immediately, and its a great way to get started in a legislative or judicial career. If you have ambitions to be Speaker of our Senate, or a future Chief Justice, participating in the CA is the perfect starting point!

Link[>] Join the Fun!
Don't feel like getting too serious? Join us in the LinkRepublic Square or LinkSpam Zone for some laughs!

There is so much to do in Europeia. It's impossible to make this checklist complete. However, if you work your way through the items, you'll be off to a great start, and you'll find plenty more to do along the way. We're glad you decided to join us, and we'd like to personally welcome each and every one of you to Europeia, so welcome to the following:

1st Frances workers and peasants






British Almogene Fracstion

Canadian Axacan


Communist socailist republics of russia

Cona cria

Conquered By Purple 7

Conquered By Purple 9





East Abhayland




Feraton of genava



Freateve chura



Great jacob islands






Laporte city

Lower kinchilicia


New norway zealand

North batic alciankle



Ramalia Shanatopian

Republic of lexa






Stati socialisti del sud italia

The dismonia

The Islamic Country of Honour EIA

The kingdom of thealand

Union of acadia


If you have any questions, please contact Minister of Interior Grandfather Clock. We're here to help!

This dispatch is created on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Europeia.