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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote AGAINST 'Condemn Dilber' | OWL


'Condemn Dilber'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Condemn Dilber'
Author: A Melted Instant Pot Lid
Purpose: To condemn Dilber for their leadership of the West Pacific and taunting of other nations.


Vote .Against.

The Office's Analysis

The at-vote resolution, "Condemn Dilber", represents a joke proposal to condemn Dilber for various actions including opposition to democracy, raiding, and "bull[ying of] fellow nations". While some of these actions could be a part of a well-written SC resolution with reference to specific incidents, organizations, and operations, this proposal does not represent that kind of effort, instead invoking a short list of Discord server memes between friends. Thus, OWL recommends a vote AGAINST the at-vote resolution, "Condemn Dilber".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Doge Land is a legislator of the South Pacific and a member of OWL junior staff.


From the World

The Python is the founder of The Snakes and a member of OWL junior staff. They posted on the NS forums:

The Python wrote:For! I want to see this pass. It will be so funny


From TSP Citizens

The Stickmin Empire is a legislator of the South Pacific.

The Stickmin Empire wrote:What is with the security council right now? Every half witted typer came put to sentences together and make a proposal even if there's a even WORSE version of it! We need to come together as a community to make sure these bad proposals don't hit the floor!

Tepertopia is the Director of OWL and a Deputy Chair of the South Pacific.

Tepertopia wrote:I have to admit, it's a humorous proposal, but definitely not at the level of other SC resolutions making their arguments from a humorous position (like the recent example "Commend Northern Borland"). Additionally, other than those, I don't really see how the arguments of this proposal would justify the international distinction that comes from recognition by the SC. And in regards to "doing it for the memes", I've had enough of that for the time being, given the recent SC queue...

From the World

Vexilia is a Citizen of The North Pacific. They stated on TNP's forums:

Vexilia wrote:Against, inaccurate statement and poorly written. Although democratic in nature (voting on proposals), the World Assembly doesn't necessarily exist to "spread democracy". The World Assembly is largely what the member nations make it to be with regards to the majority vote. There is nothing directly stopping the World Assembly to revoke pro-democratic resolutions as well as begin to institute more autocratic forms of resolutions and legislature. In theory the organization could become a despot's playground.

Sensorland is a resident of the West Pacific. On the NS forums, they argued:

Sensorland wrote:A well-done Condemn Dilber would be quite fun. This is not a well-written Condemn Dilber.