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[ZL-AS] Project ██████████ Subject Classifications and Candidates

[c6 credentials verified. accessing document.]

Project Prometheus
Project Prometheus is an experimental humanoid biomechanical armored infantry unit program. By the end of the program, ten units will have been created, each with a specific battlefield niche. Prometheus units are adapted from a human subject and heavily augmented with Chimera Program enhancements and heavy surgical modification. Prometheus units have been designed to heavily utilize inorganic biology (Silicon Initiative. Lelith, Okime, Halifax, Ysgorumur) to increase their versatility, durability, and compatibility with inorganic technologies. Subjects additionally have their Central Nervous System (CNS) removed and replaced with CWSNeF systems, specifically designed for total obedience and access from HighCom via inbuilt Hardlinks. Each unit is purpose-built and adapted from a subject with proclivity in the desired fields. Units utilize Extraordinarily Sourced Materials (ESMs) to facilitate invulnerability to conventional weaponry and small-arms fire. Furthermore, details alluded to by █████████-█████ scientific personnel regarding ██████ endeavors utilizing nano-machines have been considered for implementation to facilitate Field Self-Repair (FSR) functionality. Combined, Prometheus unit are virtually indestructible so long as the are in the presence of raw materials to integrate into themselves, including ammunition spent in potential involuntary decommissioning attempts. Additionally, development of the cross-disciplinary Semi-organic Self-Orientating Multiweapon Arsenal (SSOMA) System is vital to unit functionality and versatility. The proposed units are as follows:

P090 'Kronos'
QRF, Rapid Response, Asymmetrical Warfare
Unit P090 is a unit built expressly for bipedal land speed. P090 can travel upwards of 600kmph through use of advanced mobility devices and limited aerial capability. P090 is designed to slip through and attack rear elements of the enemy such as supply lines, infrastructure, and civilian Forced Unit Redeployment Opportunity Sites (FUROS).
Potential Candidates:
[Selection Secured: L.J.]

P091 'Arachne'
Clandestine Operations, Stealth Operations, HVT Elimination
Unit P091 is designed with a reduced radar signature and near infrared invisibility, save for the exhaust plume endemic to all Prometheus-90 Series units. Special attention has been made to the joints and motors of this unit, as well as it power generation to ensure total silence during operation. Additionally, this unit is equipped with the Photon Alteration System (PhAS) to simulate full invisibility. The unit's SSOMA is designed to favor silent coilgun weaponry and hardlight blades.
Potential Candidates:
[E.N., A.N., M.R.]

P092 'Medusa'
AA, AAA, MANPAD, Frontline Support, Ranged Warfare
P092 possesses a helmet with multiple Multi-Angle Laser Emitters (MALs), allowing it to target up to twenty individual targets in a large radius around the unit with laser weaponry. The unit additionally utilizes Laser-Based Artillery (LBA) and Laser-Based Anti-Tank (LBAT) weaponry in its SSOMA to devastate armored vehicles and infantry hardpoints.
Potential Candidates:
[Selection Secured: R.M.]

P093 'Sisyphus'
Electronic Warfare
P093 is a generalist unit with a focus on Electronic Warfare. The unit is equipped with a substantially advanced EW suite, as well as advanced detection equipment and EMP, DDOS, or Electronic Interference capabilities.
Potential Candidates:
[Selection Secured: C.M.]

P094 'Tantalus'
Shock Infantry
P094 is a heavily armed generalist unit that specializes in shock tactics, designed to push enemy forces back and create holes in their line to be exploited. The unit is equipped with a significant amount of HE ordinance, and utilizes fragmenting, explosive, and incendiary rounds in all of its equipment. P094 is slower moving, as its structure was reinforced to survive high-altitude deployment without aid of a parachute.
Potential Candidates:
[A.R., H.D.]

P095 'Psyche'
Psychological Warfare, Shock Infantry.
P095 is a generalist unit equipped with an Auditory Warfare Suite (AWS) designed to emit painfully, possibly fatally loud noises to demoralize the enemy. Additionally, the unit has been designed to appear outwardly unnerving and operates in a brutal fashion to further demoralize the enemy. Integration if Chimera [c4:psion] traits are under consideration. It is unknown if the traits can function via CWSNeF systems.
Potential Candidates:
[E.H., V.O., Y.F.]

P096 'Arke'
Close Air Support, Ground Attack, AA
P096 is an airborne infantry unit designed to function as CAS to support infantry units of other Prometheus units. P096 is much larger than other units to account for the ordinance it is expected to carry, as well as the propulsion required for flight.
Potential Candidates:
[J.H., R.V., H.L., D.W.]

P097 'Prometheus'
Front-Line Warfare, Fire-and-forget.
P097 is a frontline fighter and a dedicated hunter-killer unit. The unit's SSOMA is modified with an expanded number of configurations. P097 additionally has advanced, predictive targeting sensors that allows it unnatural reflexes in the field and superior accuracy over long distances. The unit is particularly unmatched in melee combat.
Potential Candidates:
[Selection Secured: J.C.]

P098 'Orion'
Persistance Hunting, Pursuit Predation, Retreat Exploitation
P098 is a relentless hunter-killer unit with hyperactive self-repair abilities and heavy armor plating, allowing it to operate in the field for extended durations with minimal critical damage accumulation. The unit is designed to exploit a routed enemy and pursue them until the enemy surrenders or is terminated.
Potential Candidates:
[Selection Secured: A.O.]

P099 'Typhon'
Mutually Assured Destruction
P099 is a massive feat of engineering designed to destroy any and all resistance an enemy could muster. It possesses ██████ █████████ ██ ████████ (███) ███████ and ██████████. The unit additionally possesses a ████████████ ██████ ██████ ██████ and ██████ that ██████████ any opposition and █████████ the ███████████ ████ via █████ ██████ ███████. Use of this unit is regulated per C6 order.
Potential Candidates
[███████ ██ ████ ████]