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President Calvin Coolidge Elected in Electoral Nail-biter


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(Europeia, February 27, 2021) - Europeia has elected Senate Speaker Calvin Coolidge as president of Europeia in a runoff election concluding Sunday, February 21. The campaign centered on foreign affairs and the role of the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN), with now-President Coolidge running strongly on "continuing the good work that our naval leadership has done so far," increasing naval transparency, and using the ERN as a tool to promote the doctrine of Independence.

After the polls closed in the initial election, no ticket had garnered a majority of all votes, and a runoff was held. The ticket of Forilian/Monkey was eliminated for the runoff; the ticket of Calvin Coolidge/Istillian then faced off against the incumbent ticket of Pichtonia/Kuramia, upsetting the incumbents by 52.9% to 47.1%.

As the president cannot serve in the Senate simultaneously, Calvin Coolidge's seat was made vacant upon the victory, triggering a by-election for the seat and a new election for speakership in the Senate. The Senate elected new Speaker UPC, who immediately set out to begin confirmation votes on the new president's cabinet.

In a statement, Calvin Coolidge commented, "I am humbled that the majority of the region has put its faith in myself and Istillian to lead it for the next 70 days." Noting that he defeated an incumbent ticket running for re-election, he added, "I want to thank Pichtonia and Kuramia for their service over the past term, we all know they are great public servants who have always performed admirably in their roles and would have done so again ..."

President Calvin Coolidge nominated the following individuals to the cabinet:
Monkey, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
Peeps, Grand Admiral;
GrandfatherClock, Minister of Interior;
McEntire, Minister of Communications;
Maowi, Minister of World Assembly Affairs;
Xecrio, Minister of Radio;
Rotasu, Minister of Culture; and
Lloenflys, Attorney General.

The nominees were confirmed by the Senate on February 24, with no senator voting against a nominee.


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