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Name: Daniel
Also Known As: Barlyy, UDE, Briteannia, Kerem
Title, Pronouns: He/Him/The Overlord
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Turkish

Ethnicity: Bri' 'ish/white
DoB: no
Age: no
Gender: male
Blood Type: no
Siblings: none

Ideology: Social Libertarianism
Party: none
Political Wing: left-leaning, but not by much

Religion: Agnostic

Likes: Technology, Cem Karaca
Dislikes: The education system
Hobbies: Chess, NationStates

Hello there! ^^ If you somehow found yourself here, you probably know a bit about me, but incase you do not, let me introduce myself. I'm Barlyy. I am a Turkish/British student currently living in Turkey. I like learning new things a lot, and I also like to make friends. If you know me from NS, you probably know that most of the time, I'm not serious. I like joking around, being sarcastic and all that stuff. I plan on getting a computer/laptop soon that can actually handle Python, because the one I have right now is Windows 7, and I can't download Python on W7.

So, yeah. That's essentially what I do. I also like to hang out on Discord.

Ideology & Politics

Pro: LGBT-rights, progressive tax rate, nationalism, libertarianism, social democracy, Ekrem İmamoğlu, UBI, free education, universal healthcare, Capitalism
Neutral: Keynesian economics, Hayekian economics, Neoliberalism, Socialism
Anti: Conservatism, high tax rates, censorship, Elon Musk, Erdoğan, KılıÁdaroğlu, monarchism, fascism, anarchism, lockdowns

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: Cen Karaca & Apaşlar - Karanlik Yollar (1968)
Favourite Foods: Celtic soup, fried eggs, meat
Favourite Beverages: Tea and coffee. Nothing's better than coffee, though. ^^
Favourite Bands: Apaşlar
Favourite Book Series: Not a series per se, but I like George Orwell's books. Mostly Animal Farm.
Favourite Video Games:
Favourite VG Genres: Strategy games.

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