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by The Kingdom of The celtic union states. . 2 reads.

important events around here (work in progress)

so here will be important events happening so here we go:

operation unthinkable:
because of raising tensions caused by massive border crises with the union states of america,inside problems like a new seperatist movement called the lone star brotherhood wanting the independence of the lone star empire under ex-general huey kalinin,communists seizing multiple production lines and mutinies in the army operation unthinkable came in place where it consist of: starting a fake referendum inviting in it huey and his suporters to give them independence but kill them all in place then start a big purge to get rid of the traitors in the army and bring them to public to erase the communists then finally pressure the union states of america to give up their claims

the great celtic civil war
welp that didn't go well at all.yeah the plan failed and now everyone knows that we wanna get rid of them it became official the great civil war have began and now we shall see who will survive and who won't bring it on as the greatest event in our history start now

a shamefull defeat
i guess you know what happened by the title. we lost really badly and now multiple new nations have their independence:
the lone star empire under huey kalinin
the free celtic army under sibastian mokrinov
the farmers commonwealth under ander kington
and us the celtic union states under robinson VI whom have gone extreme after our multiple losses and now will cut down on freedoms it's a dark day for us

the british civil war
our old overlord the british empire have fell in a state of civil war between the monarchists and the syndycalysts while all of there colonies have declared independence that are : greater guyana/polynisian sultalnate/newfoundland/quebecois nation/canadian federation/south african absolutists/indian peoples states.
we of course will be supporting the monarchists (mostly because they promised us the full independence of ireland)