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The Royal Family

The Family of the Gerbens has been the Royal family since Kaiser William Gerbens crowning and work on a palace for the family in the Capitol City of Grenen has been completed.
The grand Palace garden can be visited every monday by citizens and tourists alike. The Parliament of The Commonwealth also resides next to the Palace with a direct route between the two for conveniance of the Kaiser.

Williams has given many Interviews to the press about his crowning and his main justification for the crowning was that in ancient times when the Kingdom of Grenen was at its high't the Family of the Gerbens was ruling that empire too and after researching his heritage for 6 years in his time as the president he finally crowned himself as Kaiser Williams I before the Parliament.

All over the Nation Opposition groups called that Williams had gone insane and gathered small followings around them.
Many in the Nation feared that this event might bring on censorship and a complete abandoning of democracy, luckily for them that was not the case and since then the Kaiser and current President Williams has turned the Nation to the better after initial decrease in the economy and many protesting that their rights had been stripped.