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Romogano Army

The Romogano Army (Esercito Romogano) was the ground forces of the Romogano Republic. The army's history dates back to the Romogano Unification as well as both in the Capitulation War and the Dark Alliance War. Unlike it's northern ally the Niftem Republic, it's army is an all-volunteer force of active-duty personnel.

The Romogano Army originated as the Royal Army (Regio Esercito) which dates from the proclamation of the Kingdom of Romogano and the unification under the leadership of ____, with ____ of the House of Savoy was invited to take the throne and of the newly created kingdom.

The army was also deploy in Umaar to reclaim their lost hold from the warring desert tribes and Orks that live there.

Capitulation War
Romogano, much like it's neighbors joined in the battle against the Dark Axis as they began invading to Niftem. However the Dark Axis' weaponry prove to be powerful that it defeated the combine forces and forced them into retreat.

Unlike Saragossa who taken bulk of the Dark Axis invasion force, Romogano deal with another smaller invasion force but had to pass to the mountains and slowly being chop down by Dwarf Rangers who were constantly patrolling the mountains between the 3 countries. Romogano also sent support to both Saragossa as well as Corinth who the latter give them access to creating heavy artillery, by the end of war. Romogano spend modernizing it's army after witnessing the might of the Dark Axis and it's powerful weapons.

It is noted that Romogano suffered serious casualties, including about 600,000 dead.

Dark Alliance War
Romogano during the early days of the Dark Alliance remained neutral due to influences of several party members including a notorious figure that is known as "Il Duce" which rose to power a decade before the Dark Alliance War. Although the country remained in peace and it's military become more "modernize" in possible another Dark Axis invasion he used this to assert his position and influencing the King.

On paper, the Royal Army was one of the largest ground forces during the Dark Alliance War, though in reality it could not field the numbers claimed, and it was one of the pioneers in the use of paratroopers. Due to their generally smaller size, many Romogano divisions were reinforced by an Assault Group (Gruppo d'Assalto) of two battalions of Blackshirts (MVSN). Incompetent military leadership was aggravated by the Romogano military's equipment like many of it's tanks were at a marked disadvantage against the comparatively heavily armed Kel-Moriyan tanks for example. Logistics were also a problem and there were too many lack of equipment and it's high command did not take necessary steps to plan for possible setbacks on the battlefield, or for proper logistical support to its field armies. The Italian Expeditionary Corps in Saratovia fought under General Giovanni Messe, who acknowledged the limitations of his Corps in material and equipment and thus was relieved of his command. When Saratovia launch a counter-offensive, the Romogano 8th Army was quickly crushed. Only about a third of its troops managed to escape the Saratovian Cauldron including from the three Alpini Divisions.

In Northern Umaar, the Romogano 8th Armored Regiment and the 185th Airborne Division fought to total annihilation at the Battle of Alhambra. Although the battle was lost, the determined resistance of the Romogano soldiers at the Battle of Kereen in East Umaar is still commemorated today by the Romogano forces.

The defeat of the Dark Alliance in Tunisia the morale of the Romogano troops dropped and when the combined Saragossa-Niftem forces began invading into Romogano 5 months later, many of it's garrison divisions simply dissolved. The sagging morale led to the overthrow of it's dictator Il Duce by it's King 15 days later.

Later on Romogano was split between those still supporting Il Duce and the Dark Alliance and those supported by the Combine Forces and their King and Maresciallo d'Romogano. Which causes the Romogano Civil War that last several months until Il Duce was captured and killed by Resistance forces. Former Dark Alliance supporters later reveal the location of the Dark Alliance holdout that later was invaded by the Combine Forces, Romogano sent a division to provide recon and logistics support.

The Romogano Army was later reformed after the war.
Umaar Defense Expeditions

Reforms and expeditions prior to the Darkening

The Darkening

The Romogano Army shares almost the same military organization like in Niftem and Keliro.


  • Bersaglieri - Romogan word for Sharpshooter, are Romogano light infantry trained to fight at range.

  • Granatieri - Romogan word for Grenadier, are Romogano specialist infantry trained to used anti-tank weapons or heavy machine guns. Despite the name their role is different to the Niftem equivalent but behave like the Ammerian and Kel-Moriyan Rangers.

  • Arditi - Romogano word of "Daring Ones" are the Elite Romogano units wearing plate body armor (Farina Armor Mk.7) and trained to use both melee and range weaponry.


  • Sahariano - Light Tank developed based on the Kel-Moriyan Crusader Tanks. Armed with a 47mm autocannon, although created in the late phases of the Dark Alliance War. It was used during the Romogano Expedition in Umaar later on.

  • P40 - Medium Tank developed based on the Niftem Panzer IV along with sloping armor during the late phase of the Dark Alliance War. Armed with a 75mm Ansaldo Cannon with a 8mm machine gun. Formerly classified by Romogano Military as "heavy tank" but it's tonnage is obviously a Medium Tank that is faster than an Ammerian Sherman Tank or an Ashikagan Chi-Nu Tank. Later it was refitted with extra weaponry.

Artillery and Tank Destroyers

  • Centauro - A Tank Destroyer designed after the Dark Alliance War. Armed with a 105mm Melara Cannon. It is the first of the Enorian nations to be equipped with a thermal imaging system (likely came from the Blackforge) which allows the tank to fire at long ranges as well as performing counter-artillery strikes.

  • Semovente M41 - SPG armed with a 90mm cannon. It was designed for supporting ground forces.

  • Semovente M43 - Tank Destroyer armed with a 105mm Ansaldo. It also doubles as an siege weapon capable of breaking both fortifications and defenses.

    • Granate - Niftem-designed variant of the Semovente M43, with improved armour and using the Pak40 anti-tank gun in place of the original 105 mm howitzer. It was created after Romogano become part of the combine alliance in the Dark Alliance War.

    • Pronto -

Support Units

  • Fiat 6614 - A wheeled APC designed to transport and support infantry. It is capable of moving in water, armed with a 12.7 mm M80 machine gun but can be latter refitted with either a 20mm autocannon or a 106mm Recoilless Rifle Cannone.

  • AB 44 - Armored Scout Car

Tanks from other nations
Romogano received armored support from it's allies, both during the Dark Alliance War as well it's desperate defense in Umaar. With Romogano being one of the few Enorian nations still had a hold in the forsaken continent of Umaar.

  • M24 - Known as the "Chaffee". An Ammerian Light Tank that was brought by Romogano after the war, many of it were deployed in Umaar.

  • M18 - Known as the "Hellcat". An Ammerian Tank Destroyer that was brought by Romogano after the war, some where deployed in Umaar as well in Romogano by the 155th Artillery Regiment.

  • M4A4 - Known as the "Sherman". An Ammerian Medium Tank which is provided by as supplementary unit. Although some were used as training tanks.

  • M4 Tipo - A Sherman modification using a Kel-Moriyan 17pdr gun. Provided by the Kel-Moriyans, many of it were deployed in the Umaar region.

  • Panzer III Ausf N. - A Niftem Tank, which was given to the Romogano Army during the Darkening Period.

  • Stug III Ausf G - A Niftem Assault Tank, which was given to the Romogano Army during the Darkening Period.