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Intil Marnewalla (for Valsora)

The Dabiristanian army has begun plans of creating a tank called the "Intil Marnewalla", this tank is supposed to reach up to 66.2 km/h and uses a new engine design made by the Dabir's Academy of Sciences and Mathematics. The tank has an armour width of 3 inches making it the 3rd thickest tank the Dabiristanian Army uses (the Umaima and the Hamdul have 5 and 7 inches of armour width). This tank is currently classified as a light tank. The tank also has a 100mm fitted with a semi-automatic vertical sliding wedge breechblock. The tank uses individual link tracks which have been modified to go in most conditions except for extreme cold and winters. The tank is scheduled to begin production in 2 months time. The army plans to make 1000 of these and possibly more, they are to be spread out to the following divisions:
Dabiristanian Royal Guard: 10 Intil Marnewalla's
Dabiristanian Infantry: 390 Intil Marnewalla's
Dabiristanian Armoured/Mechanised Unit: 500 Intil Marnewalla's
Dabiristanian Revolutionary Army: 50 Intil Marnewalla's
Dabiristanian Military Police and Garrison: 50 Intil Marnewalla's