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18th International Congress

Every half decade representatives from all walks of life meet in the Capital city of Barcelona, the home of the revolution. All unions, citys, race(s), districts, and universities send at least one representative. There they debate, hold minor votes and referendums, and tell the struggles of the people there representing.

This year has been especially hot with debate and argument, mostly between the anarcho-communist factions and the market socialist. One especially hot topic was private property. When Orpzis was young and the Anarcho-communist had a majority in the government private property was fully outlawed.

In 1945, 15 years after the revolution, the more moderate government legalized private property. This move has been plagued with controversy and argument.

The Chairman of the nation is currently Muz Lee, a 23 year old market socialist who has been pushing for Limited capitalism to fix the economy. Lee has been gaining support do to his charismatic character and his likable personality.

Around 4 PM a debate started between Lee and Rea Link, the head of the anarcho-communist party. The debate lasted for over 3 hours and about 3 million people watched it on TV. It went down in history as the most televised program in the history of the nation. The debate came to nothing but showed the growing divide in the nation.