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Approved RMB Tags of the Roleplaying Paradise


Liberated October 29, 2020

Below are a list of approved tags for the Roleplaying Paradise's regional message board. Please preface each of your post with the approriate tag, unless you are writing a regular in-character roleplaying post. In which case, no tag is required.

OOC: For general banter and any post not made in-character.
OOIC: For out-of-character commentary on in-character actions and events from your nation.
IC: To signal an in-character section in a post that also contains out-of-character content which uses other tags.
COMPLAINT: For notifying the staff of a problem that needs resolving or otherwise send a complaint. We recommend you to do this on our Discord server, but if you prefer to use the RMB for this purpose, please prepend your post with this tag.
ELECTION: For declaring your application towards a staff position, your candidacy in an election, or for providing commentary and statements on an ongoing election. Also used by staff to declare new elections in place of the "ANNOUNCEMENT:" tag.

The following tags are for staff use only:

MOD: For announcements of moderation actions such as post suppressions or ejections.
STAFF: For other public communication from the staff such as progress updates on ongoing events, useful information or offers to help.
ANNOUNCEMENT: For important public announcements, such as the announcement of a new event, poll, embassy, staff change, or policy change.