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Citizenship Application

Name of Nation: Rockina
Do you have any other nations? (If so, name all that haven't ceased to exist): N/A

Which region were you in prior to this one?: Osiris/APSIA, I say these both because I had prominence in Osiris, and only stuck around with APSIA for a while.

Are you in trouble with any other region?: Nope

Do you owe your previous region any commitments?: Citizen, Resident, Deputy Scribe <- Osiris roles

What can you offer the New West Indies?: Competence, Activity and Positivity and Creativity

What do you expect from the New West Indies?: A fun roleplaying region solely worth a good time, a fun and active community, maybe some politics and other real-life discussion pages. Hopefully a competent and fun roleplaying experience.

The Mugale State of Rockina