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TCB MoWAA: Vote FOR GAR Supporting People with Disabilities

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[color=gold][b][size=300]The Communist Bloc[/size]
[size=250]Ministry of World Assembly Affairs[/size][/b][/color][/center]

[font=Franklin Gothic][colour=white][size=300]Information for Voters[/colour][/size]
[size=300][url=][colour=white]Supporting People with Disabilities[/colour][/url][/size][/font][/b][/center]

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[size=250]Vote [background=gold][colour=firebrick]FOR[/colour][/background][/b][/size][/color][/center][/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic][size=200][u]Overview[/u][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic][size=145]This resolution is straightforward and aims to give rights to people with disabilities.[/size][/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic][size=145]Various provisions are enacted such as ensuring that people with disabilities have access to assistive technology, housing, mental health, non-discrimination in employment, right to medical information and freedom from arbitrary detainment.[/size][/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic][size=200][u]Recommendation[/u][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic][size=145]The provision of assistive technologies, housing and mental health programs can improve the lives of people with disabilities. The right of people with disabilities to not be discriminated is also a noble and a well-intentioned goal indeed. The non-discrimination of people with disabilities on employment and in the workplace would help them provide for themselves, improve their lives and assist in their place in society.[/size][/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic][size=145]For these reasons, the Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting [b]FOR[/b] the General Assembly Resolution under vote "Supporting People with Disabilities".[/size][/font]


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[box][font=Franklin Gothic][size=150][align=center]---For previous Vote Recommendations made by TCB MoWAA, see the [url=]TCB MoWAA Vote Recommendations Archive[/url]---[/align][/size][/font]