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The preparation of soldiers and who doesn't need to be in the army

When children start school they have an whole subject about preparing for conscription and an invasion. They learn in the subject about, how to fight, how a gun works, even how to make your own improvised weapons in case of an invasion, etc. The Folkpreparitklas (the subjects name) is actually the subject where most children hurt themselves because nearly all physical sports are illegal.

When they are out of school, they are going through conscription, which will take atleast 1 year to complete. They will be punished if they don't go through conscription, nearly always is the punishment of not going through conscription is conscription, but sometimes about 0,000001% of the time is it execution.

Nearly everyone needs to be in the military so the army easily can send in new soldiers. Only some parts of Advice council with the king doesn't need to be in the army but, the parts of the advice council that needs to be in the army are ReichsMershalk, the person in charge of army advice, RikPlammarsk, the person in charge of airforce advice, and the Flotstortadmiralen, the person in charge of navy advice.