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Our Glorious Leader has Returned?!

3 years ago during the fateful summit meeting, which instigated the Camthrin Civil War through the event now known among the Camthrinian people as the "Capitol Massacre", our glorious leader was sent into exile as he failed to contained the spread of the rebellion and a new glorious leader, Lazar Bronchikis, was elected to lead the beleaguered loyalist against the usurping rebels.

After 2 years of continuous battle with no end in sight, rumour spread among the Camthrin army from both sides that our glorious leader has seized power in Ant Republic and will return to Grodny with military support of the republic, not knowing which sides will he join when he reach Camthrin. Both sides quickly tried to appeal to our glorious leader to join their sides and tip the balances of the war.

Surprisingly, our glorious leader decided to attack both sides, even more, he was able to defeat them and restore order in Camthrin to the previous status quo, annexing back both the Khekian and the Ant Republic into the Federation. All distinguished people involved in the war are promptly placed in their former position, be it from the rebel and loyalist. With our glorious leader re-assuming his old position as the rightful Primier Leader of the Federation of Camthrin. Frankly, nothing really has change after this happen, and all those blood spills in the field of battle has amounted to nothing.

Still tho, I was able to get my old job back so no harm no foul there. Cheers glorious leader.