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The Japerlasan National Football Team

Japerlasan National Football Team (JANE)

Team Logo

Date of Establishment: 2030

Alias: JANE

Association: The United Balder Football Association (UBFA) - Japerlasan Department of Defense (JADEF)

Team Manager: Maxi Falkenrath

Team Captain: Chris Nuremberg

Team Location: New Hayport

Home Stadium: Fiery Skies Stadium

Colours Used: Cyan - Black

JANE is the team that represents Japerlasa on the international football stage. The current roster consists entirely of ex-military personnel. Median age of the team members is 28.

The team was founded by JADEF (Japerlasan Department of Defense) hastily upon the announcement of UBFA. Japerlasa doesn't have a football culture, hence why the roster is made up of ex-soldiers instead of people with some sort of background on football. The members have proven themselves quite capable, however. Becoming on par with other national teams in Balder after 8 months of vigorous training. The training was so intense that striker William Smith suffered a severe head injury after collapsing from exhaustion in the daily 10 km jog and hitting his head on the pavement. He was replaced with Alexander Alby.

Chris Nuremberg is an ex-sergeant and the oldest of the roster (37). Having served 5 years in the army he has remarkable leadership skills. Those skills haven't transferred well over to the football field, unfortunately. Although this has been mostly countered by training, football seems to be against his nature and JANE is currently looking for a replacement.