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The 10 Days

(April 1, 2006 - April 11, 2006)

NOTE: Royce is Parker Royce.

The 10 Days was a political and military coup staged by the Rijk Nationalist Front, which whom then established a unified republic.

Here is how the event went down:

1st Day: Rijk Nationalists stage liege on the parliament building. Out of popular hate, Prime Minister Rueben Aralie is swept out of office.

2nd Day: The Rijk Nationalists seize opportunity and take power of the country. Rijk General Parker Royce leads battles against the loyalists.

3rd Day: Around this time most people had supported the coup anyways. The ratio was 92/8. Many people continue to convert to Rijk Nationalism.

4th Day: Bombing opens up in a loyal terrorist hotspot, Palmtope.

5th Day: Royce continues to win in loyalist regions around the country. By this time 98% of the people support the coup.

6th-8th Day: The first and only battle of the conflict occurs. Loyalists attack Fort Peter to attempt and kill Royce, but this fails, and they retreat.

9th Day: Royce heads back to Kasir Nichi and seizes control of leadership of the entire country.

10th Day: All loyalists give up. The uVali-Roae government is abolished and a new Rijk government is installed. Parker Royce becomes dictator of Uvalor.

The timeline ends here. 10 days from one government to another.