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Kaskadiya's History

The everlasting expansion of the great Russian Empire had been going on for centuries now, expanding from the heartland in Eastern Europe to the far east in Siberia, they found themselves on the other side of the world, bordering the vast Pacific Ocean. The expansion into the Far East was not over, but there had been interest in what would be there on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. And so, with the curiosity, Lukyan Timofeyevich voyaged into the ocean in 1742, going from the sea of Okhotsk to the Pacific, and eventually winding up in the Olympic Peninsula. Finding great land for a great Russian colony, he reported back to the Tsar about the great findings. The Russian-American Company was set up, and settlers began to flock to the colony in larger amounts, spreading into the colony which soon be named Russian America, and alternatively Russian Cascadia.

From 1742 to the 1800s, the colony would be vastly settled. Cities such as Vankuvera, Sietl, Zemlya Porta, Pyotr, founded by the settlers. However, conflicts with Russian settlers and Natives would arrive, as friendly relations broke down, and the Natives would be forced into "sovereign zones", set up by the Russian colonizers, and supervised by the Russian colonizers. The Native Americans were not treated as horribly as in the British colonies, but they would not be treated well. They were often subjected to poor treatment, and sometimes used for labour. However, cleansing or genocide like the British had done was not done, while the treatment was cruel, and the treatment was violent, the cleansing of Native Americans was not done.

But soon, as time progressed, the Cascadians found themselves stranded. Great Russia had been too busy dealing with internal issues as well as wars with the other European nations, especially as Napoleon began to ravage the continent, supply to the people of Cascadia almost completely halted, leaving the people stranded, and having to fend for themselves. Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, current governer of Russian America, was unable to sleep, as people protested infront of his residence, from the sun rising to the moon falling, the people shouted, calling for action. Eventually, he'd have to return the message of the protest back home. The Tsar, recieving the news of the protests, dispatched a force to control it.

The Dark Night of Vankuvera

A strong force of the Imperial Army arrived in a port in Vankuvera, where the protest was said to be lighting up the most. A few were also planned to be dispatched in Sietl and Zemlya Porta. When someone saw the dispatched force, it was immediately reported to resistance groups in the colony, and a big crowd came in front of them, even protesting in the face of death. But soon, it was clear what they had in mind to do next. Their muskets pointed forward aimed at the protestors. But it didn't stop them from the loud protesting. And that's when, even though this protest was just vocal, the muskets gunpowder hailed onto the crowd.

15 of the protestors were caught in the fire, and died. Another 23 were injured, but would survive. This would be dubbed the Dark Night of Vankuvera. After this, the War for Cascadian Independence would kick off. Sergei Levitsky would quickly organise a Revolutionary Council to counter the violent suppression of the protests, and begin unifying the citizens under the common goal of crushing the Tsar's troops. This brutal war would stack corpses on top of each other, but it was a war to destroy the tyranny of the Tsar and bring Cascadia to self determination. And Sergei Levitsky would get this by any means nessecary. From 1812 to 1816, the fight would be going on.

There was times of uncertainty, there was times of sadness, but in the end, a worn out Russia staggered, and the morale of the rebels would never be as high as it was... it was a never-ending war for Russia, but a patriotic war for their independence to the Cascadians. The Russian Empire offered peace... and finally, in 1816, the Republic of Cascadia had been created. Now today, widely populated with 2.3 million people, ran under Sergei Levitsky, the current President, respected by his people for his leadership in the revolution. Working with it's neighbour, Louisiana, to help get the war-torn nation back on it's feet. The nation may be fragile for now, but as it progresses, it plans to be a strong indestructible republic, and by the looks of it... it is building up to be just that.

“The Imperial Army and their Black Hearts
Are trying to restore the Czar's authority,
But from the tundras to the Zemlya Porta
The Cascadian Army is the strongest of all!

Let the Cascadian Army
Masterfully grip
It's rifle with its hardened hand,
And we must all
Go into a last deadly fight!

Cascadian Army, march, march forward!
The Revolutionary Council calls us into battle.
from the tundras to the Zemlya Porta
The Cascadian Army is the strongest of all!

We are fanning the flames of a revolution,
We will raze the Tsar’s chains to the ground.
For from the tundras to the Zemlya Porta,
The Cascadian Army is the strongest of all!”