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Austere Low Fantasy Genre Blooms in Diamonil

Spurred onwards by the success of "When the Measurements" and several subsequent poetry anthologies authored by the same individual, a new genre has entered recent prominence in Polis Diamonil. Featuring avians in settings of unclear magical potency, the theme of sparse beauty has been taken up heavily in the nation's electronic media, with great windswept terrains past cities of sweeping architecture, all buoyed by modest miracles given fear and dignity. Small and sacred magics are seeing a renaissance in fiction as quieter loves are having their stories written.

The usual blooded blades and small-hearted conflicts of such settings have made their appearances as well, of course, though titles both peaceful and violent have participated.

Although appeals to their tastes are presently shifting Diamonil's publishing industry, a hoped-for fad for Steelfeather poetry books appears to have busted despite the efforts of rethawed Steelfeather contributors. Silver paint prices have stabilized ahead of expectations as well, as a slowly growing number of old Steelfeathers have waved off their traditional paints on the surprising grounds that they already wore them for decades. Even Steelfeather traditionalists have been stepping out of the classic chrome, though only so far as Zintroth revivalist paints that haven't seen use in Diamonil since the reign of Litherusk.