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The History of the Kingdom of France.

The Kingdom of France.

"Montjoie Saint Denis!"

The Kingdom of France is the royal government of France which was set in place during World War II as a puppet state of the German Empire. From the start, the Kingdom suffered many of the same problems as the Third Republic, which came before it. France adopted it's current Royalist constitution on 13 October 1947. Since then, France is governed as an parliamentary constitutional monarchy. France's current monarch is King Louis XX of the House of Bourbon.

Founding the Kingdom:

As king, Alphonse II was a relatively weak monarch. He attempted to reconcile political factions within France and warm relations between France and its allies. He was criticized for France's ailing economy and political turmoil in the postwar period, and the war in Indochina. A series of debilitating strikes were waged across France in 1947, initiated by the Confédération Générale du Travail. The strikes escalated into violence in November of that year, leading, on 28 November, to the government deploying 80,000 French Army reservists to face the "insurrection". The Communist Party, who often supported the strikes, were expelled from the legislature in early December. The strikes ended on 10 December, but more would come in 1948, and again in 1953 in response to the Joseph Laniel government's austerity program.

Nevertheless, the Kingdom saw an era of great economic growth in France and the rebuilding of the nation's social institutions and industry after World War II, and played an important part in the development of the process of European integration. In 1947, the government established a comprehensive social security system which assured that unemployment insurance, disability allowances, old-age pensions, and health care would be available for all French citizens.

Attempts were made to strengthen the Crown, in order to prevent the unstable situation which had existed before the war, but the instability remained, and the Kingdom saw frequent changes in government. Moreover, the government proved unable to make effective decisions regarding decolonization of the numerous remaining French colonies. After a series of crises, most importantly the Algerian crisis of 1958, the Third Kingdom nearly collapsed. Free French leader, Charles de Gaulle, returned from exile to preside over a transitional administration which was empowered to design a new French constitution.

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