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The national Symbols

The Federal Republic of [nation]Yunonia[/nation] It has its own national symbols which are the flag and the coat of arms.
The Yunonia flag is made up of three colors green, purple and white.
Green represents life.
Purple represents wealth.
White represents freedom.
The coat of arms it consists of a column holding the world and two gray wolves protecting the column with the motto [i]"Liberty"[/i] on a white ribbon all on a purple background supported by a heraldic console with two laurel branches.
The gray wolves represent the yunonians.
The column with the world represents that Yunonia is a fundamental pillar in the world.
The motto [i]"liberty"[/i] on the white ribbon signifies the importance of freedom.
And the heraldic console with the two laurel branches represent the republic.
In short, they mean that the yunonians will defend their homeland, which is important in the world under the motto of freedom, all under the federal republic.