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Rules & Explanations: United Balder Football Association

United Balder Football Association (UBFA)

Somerset Cup

What is the (UBFA)?

The UBFA run by Kendell is an opportunity for nations of the region of Balder to put forward their national football team to compete in a friendly competition against other nations for the Somerset Cup.

How does it work?
At least 8 teams and at most 24 teams will be placed on the roster to play against other teams. The game will consist of 3 rounds.
In the first round each team will play 2 games against every team, one at home and one away. Which equals at least 14 games and at most 48 games. In the second round the 4 teams with the best records will go and play each of the other 3 teams 4 times, 2 at home and 2 away. Which equals 12 games. In the third round the 2 teams with the best records will go to the finals and will play each other in 3 games and whoever wins 2 games wins the Somerset Cup.

The first round will fully be posted two weeks in the month. The second round will be posted the next week. And the third round the last week. Games will be posted in a timely manner to where teams may collaborate with other nations to create game overviews. The finals will have a game overview written by me though the finals can be written by the finalist teams upon request.

Scores will be picked by a randomized scorinator which will be used to determine which teams won and by how much. This will be done to every game.

Records will be counted in points with wins equaling 2 point, ties equaling 1 points, and loses equaling 0 points.

What happens if there is a tie in records?
If the records of a team are tied and one team must go to the second or third round then the teams will play one match and the team that wins will go to the determined round.

What happens if I win the UBFA Finals?
You win the bragging rights to the trophy and claim the title of Regional Football Champion. You are also automatically given a spot in the next months Regional Cup if you want to participate again.

Who will be hosting the UBFA Finals?
The hosting city of the finals will be any city that is not one of the finalists. The city will be randomly picked.

Shouldn't larger nations get an advantage?
Nations who have a population of over a billion compared to their competitor and nations who have a significantly larger economy than their competitor will receive a small winning bonus percentage but other wise the scores are random. Random is cruel, but it is necessary.

What are the rules?
In terms of Roleplay they are the same to most Roleplay rules: Don't give personal information, don't post any foul language, don't spam, ect. Nations are only allowed to submit one team. Lastly, the outcomes of the games must be respected. If you feel that game could be improved then send me a message.

The rules of the Football game are the same of regular Football. See here for Linkrules.

I don't know much about football, can I still participate?
Of course you can. We don't discriminate against any nation. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy the fun. You also don't have to participate directly by playing in the games to participate in the fun.

You can for example, create factbooks on how your citizens viewed the games and who they wanted to win. Nations who do directly participate in the games can work with their competitors to collaborate in a game overview.

When, where, and how do I sign up?
When: Registration will open when the First Round of the previous UBFA Regional Cup ends. The registration deadline will occur the first Monday of every month. Which means that the UBFA will occur every month unless something occurs on my part of which I will try to notify the teams. The current deadline is April 5th.

Where: You can sign up by just sending me a message through nationstates or discord. The registration will be first come, first served.

How: The registration must contain your team name, the city where your teams stadium is, and the name of the stadium. You may also send me the link to your team factbook which must contain the above information.

Any questions?
Please feel free to contact me/Kendell.

The Republic of Kendell