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Assorted Nura Khan Ships(that I have created)

Nura Khan is a character in N&I created by [nation]Insaanistan[/nation] that serves as the Sultana of the namely nation. Despite Nura having gotten married and widowed throughout the RP, I have created many ships between her and other characters. Here is a compiled list of them, as requested by Insaanistan.

[list][*]Nura and That One Dude
[*]Nura and Diego([nation]Langenia[/nation])
[*]Nura and Vlad([nation]Witiland[/nation])
[*]Nura and Alexis([nation]Country of redwood[/nation])
[*]Nura and Khalid([nation]Champagne Socialist Sharifistan[/nation])
[*]Nura and Aquila[nation]Romextly[/nation])[/list]