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European Free Trade Agreement (EuFTA)

The European Free Trade Agreement
Shortened to EuFTA

Section I - Initial Provisions

  1. Each Party involved in the agreement hereby promise to establish a consistent free trade area.

  2. Each Party affirms it's right to adhere to pre-existing economic obligations related to international alliances and any other agreements to which it and another Party are party. ("covered agreements")

  3. In the event of an inconsistency or irregularity to a Party's obligations under this Agreement (excluding "covered agreements"), a multinational committee will hereby be established and headquartered at the EuFTA International Zone in order to ensure that no malpractice is present that could undermine this Agreement.

  4. Each Party shall ensure that any person that has been delegated administrative, regulatory or any other governmental authority by a Party acts in accordance with the Party's obligations as laid out in this Agreement during their exercise of their respective authority.

  5. Each Party guarantees the presence of an appointed representative they believe capable to represent their nation's interests at the EuFTA International Zone in Zürich, Labyrnna

  6. Each Party promises to uphold and preserve all provisions and tenants established by this Agreement, unless previous obligations ("covered agreements") prevent full co-operation.

  7. In the case of an inability for a Party to uphold this Agreement due to covered agreements, representatives at the EuFTA International Zone shall be allowed to present an altered version of this Agreement, within reason.

Section II - General Definitions
For the purpose of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified -

central level of government means any given Party's highest level of official governance;

"Covered agreements" means any given previous economic obligation that was signed before this Agreement was drafted;

EuFTA 2021 means the European Free Trade Agreement ("EuFTA");

EuFTA International Zone means the diplomatic mission to be established in Zürich, Labyrnna;

within reason means that Party's adhereing to this Agreement reserve the right of negotiation via representatives at the EuFTA International Zone.