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RP Committee Resolution Draft

Establishing the Roleplay Committee

Authors: The Nippon Teikoku, New Sistonia

Sponsors: Nation(s)

Category: Domestic Affairs

Affects: NWI Roleplay and Discord

Acknowledging that a regional government is required to maintain and uphold the laws and rules of the New West Indies;

Observing the popularity of roleplay in the aforementioned region;

Recognizing the existence of the New West Indies Roleplay Committee, which guides the New West Indies' roleplay community;

Remarking that the New West Indies Roleplay Committee maintains the roleplay of the New West Indies and is now the moderating body of the roleplay;

Alarmed by the recent events occurring in the roleplay and out of character comments that undermine the fairness that the Roleplay Committee strives for;

Concerned by the Committee's lack of powers in the New West Indies, which further limits the moderation and fairness of the roleplay and binds the hand of the Roleplay Committee to enforce rules and regulations;

The General Assembly of the New West Indies hereby enacts the following:

Article 1: Establishing the Roleplay Committee

  1. Status:

    1. The Roleplay Committee is a government entity within the Department of Internal Affairs and subordinate to the Secretary of Internal Affairs.

    2. The Secretary of Internal Affairs shall support the Roleplay Committee to the best of their ability in enforcing current and future roleplay laws and regulations.

  2. Membership:

    1. Any citizen of the New West Indies, that has an approved Roleplay Application, may apply to be a Roleplay Committee Member by filling out the Roleplay Committee Application.

    2. Members may leave the committee at any time. Members may be removed by the Roleplay Committee Chairman for the following violations;

      1. A member violates NWI Law(s) or official Discord Communication Rules,

      2. Uses their position as a committee member to take advantage of or unfairly leverage roleplay rules and regulations to their advantage.

  3. Duties:

    1. The Roleplay Committee shall oversee all roleplay matters and moderate the roleplay, with the assistance of the Moderation team, as need be through the official NWI Roleplay Committee puppet.

    2. The Roleplay Committee shall oversee and create resources vital to the roleplay and shall manage it as seen fit.

    3. The Roleplay Committee shall amend any Roleplay Application template(s) as seen fit and shall approve or deny future Roleplay Applications.

    4. The Committee may restrict a citizenís access to roleplay if their presence is detrimental to the health of the activity, such that they are excessively inactive or repeatedly engage in griefing[1].

      1. If a citizenís access is unduly restricted, then the Secretary-General or Founder may veto such restriction.

Article 2: Establishing the Roleplay Committee Chairmanship

  1. Voting on the Roleplay Committee Chairman:

    1. The Roleplay Committee shall elect from amongst its members an Roleplay Committee Chairman, who will serve as the leader and representative of the Committee's decisions and verdicts.

    2. Elections for the Roleplay Committee Chairmanship shall be conducted biannually and shall be elected from amongst the members of the Roleplay Committee;

      1. A vote will be conducted where a member must receive the majority percentage of all votes between any candidates. Upon being voted in they shall remain in the position for six (6) months. Elections shall be conducted during the first week of both January and then July.

      2. The Founder, having access to the Roleplay Committee Discord channel, shall oversee and conduct the vote.

      3. The New United Carolinas shall continue to serve as the Roleplay Committee Chairman until the first election is held during the first week of July 2021.

    3. The Roleplay Committee Chairmanship can be revoked from any member of the committee that currently holds the position if the committee deems that the member can no longer carry out their duty;

      1. A vote will be conducted and a vote must pass with 50% plus one majority, if the vote passes the committee shall then vote for a new Chairman from amongst its members.

  2. Eligibility

    1. Any citizen, that is currently a member of the Roleplay Committee, can declare their intention to run in the biannual election.

  3. Powers of the Roleplay Committee Chairman

    1. The Roleplay Committee Chairman shall hold the final say in revisions to any roleplay guidelines, rules, or other documents being maintained by the committee and shall delegate revision authority as need be.

    2. The Roleplay Committee Chairman shall hold veto power over any actions that the Roleplay Committee attempts to take such as any action that require a majority decision from the roleplay committee.

      1. While the Roleplay Committee Chairman may hold a veto power, they do not hold the power to solely overrule the rest of the Committee such as issuing warnings and requests of suppressions without first informing the Roleplay Committee.

      2. Veto's may be overruled by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of committee members.

Article 3: Powers of the Roleplay Committee

  1. Permits the Roleplay Committee to remove and/or add citizens to the NWI Roleplay as the body sees fit:

    1. If the Roleplay Committee determines that a citizen's actions or presence is detrimental to the health of the activity, a warning shall be issued to citizen(s) in violation of current and future roleplay rules. If a member persists, the committee can vote to revoke or temporarily suspend a citizen's roleplay application,

      1. Requires that a legitimate and rational reason be presented to the body for the removal of a player from the New West Indies roleplay, such as violating Roleplay Committee rules

    2. Upon reaching a decision by the Roleplay Committee, the Roleplay Committee Chairman shall request that the Moderators grants a suppression on the basis of (G.A.R. 22, Section I.L.ii) and may suggest a suppression period to the moderation team.

  2. Grants the New West Indies Roleplay Committee the power to enforce and uphold the rules & laws created by the aforementioned body

    1. requires that the laws and rules created by the body be reasonable and fair

    2. clarifies that the laws and rules created apply only to the New West Indies roleplay and not to the aforementioned region as a whole

    3. requires the laws and rules voted on be passed by a 50% plus one majority vote


  1. Griefing (v) is the act of chronically causing consternation to other members of an online community, or more specifically, intentionally disrupting the immersion of another player in their gameplay using aspects of the game in unintended ways.

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