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by The Most Serene Republic of Thank you Mods. . 33 reads.

The Mods need more respect

So as you're probably wondering, why would you make a nation just to thank mods?

Brilliant Question.

Because the Mods are hardworking volunteers that devote hundreds of hours of their time just to monitor a political website. Not just that, they keep it a sane place where the majority of people can feel safe, and enforce the fair NS rules.

bUt ThE mOdS aRe PoLiTiCaLlY bIaSeD aNd DeLeTeD mY nAtIoN bEcAuSe Of iT!!!11!
Well buster, unless you are a neonazi and proudly display it every chance you get, I doubt that the mods deleted you for you political bias. What might have happened is you were being a keyboard warrior and said something you shouldn't have in the forums, an RMB, etc.

Honestly, the mods are pretty cool, and are fun to have a friendly debate with on forums. I most certainly wouldn't be prepared to selflessly give up a good chunk of my day to monitoring a nation rp website. You gotta remember that these people have personal lives too, and are probably missing out on a couple things for NS.

So I guess that is all I have to say. (I suck at writing anything lmao)
If you wanna talk to me contact Celestial Wave, it's my main nation.