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The Fate of St. Astraea - Future Compass



The Future Compass of St. Astraea, or the Fate of St. Astraea, was an idea I had when I first set up the basic lore for the nation. It was originally the concept of a base future compass, but as I got not enamored with the lore, story, and narrative I created as apart of the CSS RP, it evolved to be a compass dictating the possible endings of that RP narrative as well as general future of St. Astraea. But at the time, I had no clue how to make a future compass besides cobbling together a few images and text in But thanks to BBcode and help of South Reinkalistan, I was able to really put some elbow grease and get it off my to-do list. Similarly to their own compass, I was also inspired by Federal Remnants and CBG-Palisade thought the flooding of all these new compasses really pushed me to take some initiative to ask for help on exactly how do you do all of this. If anything, I am just happy with the finished resulted and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. But be warned, there are some serious spoilers for the Dance of Three Parts narrative of St. Astraea (the aforementioned RP narrative which I hope to begin transcribe to dispatch form once Part 1 is finished), as well as context that may be better understood once they are read.


RADICAL vs. TEMPERATE -- Change will undoubtedly come to St. Astraea, as it has to all nations and all states throughout history. The difference between radical and temperate is a future's factors in matters plausibility of occurrence and the amount of change done. A return to the old system of constitutional monarchism would most definitely be a temperate ending, as it is a comparatively moderate shift in government. Whereas such a shift would be temperate, the total collapse of Astraean society and civilization, leading to the rise of neofeudal warlords from the remnants of megacorporate and military elements, would be radical in comparison due to the range of change that has been caused. Radical should not be conflated with bad nor temperate with good, however, as slow change or even the lack thereof may be the cruelest fate for the common Astraean.

FALSE SALVATION vs. FALSE DAMNATION -- The Council for Nation Salvation's doctrine espouses that its policies will lead to the salvation of every Astraean if only they would adhere to their will, reason, and vision. Of course it is nothing but propaganda by zealous madmen and women in power, more concerned with progressing their goals of hatred and supremacy on those viewed as unclean and spiritually dirty. Therefore, False Salvation is a measure of 'victory' for the Blackcoat's junta and their Council's dogma or even a general synonym for Hell in Astraea. Whatever the fate is, if it follows the path of False Salvation, then life would assuredly be a nightmare. False Damnation is the mirror of that, where the Blackcoats face defeat and are deposed from their position of power. Even the thought of this is enough to be punishable by the Saint's divine judgement, or so the Council says. As a result it is called False Damnation, for it is truly the route of salvation for St. Astraea. Any future within False Damnation may breathe a little easier knowing that the nightmare is finally over.
TOP LEFT: The Never Ending Astraean Nightmare
Hell. That is what lies in the future for St. Astraea. While her heroes attempted to save the Grand Order, they were crushed brutally. Now only darkness remains.

The Devil Triumphant (Tenya achieves Supreme Power)
The Dual Coup was crushed and its supporters scattered to the wind. Now the only power left in the Council is Grand Marshal Tenya and Prescott. Prescott, the carnal man, is easily distracted and "persuaded" into an early retirement. Now the radical fanatic reigns solely with the ability to pursue her vision of a "holy" Order fully. As the supreme leader of the Grand Order, Tenya, now asserts that she is "Will of the Saint", shapes the nation according to radical and esoteric interpretations of the Great Saint. Her policies to create a heaven on earth and divinely save the nation's souls lead her further into a spiraling it of insanity and depraved fervor. Spartanism becomes virtue. Death becomes release. The nightmare becomes the dream. Time passes and yet the Order gets worse, degenerating into a disgusting esoteric nazi state akin to a certain Burgundian Order State. By the time Tenya passes and her successor takes the reigns, the country is beyond salvation. The madwoman of the army had done it, her vision of the Grand Order had truly saved the Astraean people, saved them from the cruelty of hope.

Rebirth by Hellfire (Nuclear Armageddon)
Many things can cause Rebirth by Hellfire. One of those is if Valery's gambit fails. The Captain, so close to grasping power to realize his hope for utopia, follows through with his threat to orbitally bombard and nuke rebellious elements. Instead, he causes terrestrial elements to send warheads backs, causing the collapse of the Order. It can be caused by the actions of Tenya as she desperately attempts to fight off Precott and his newly acquired revisionary followers, where she becomes increasingly convinced of her own divinity and decides to purify the nation through nuclear self destruction. It can even be done by Arianus and the League, slowly losing hope in their plan, as the Dual Coup fails. Instead of allowing Blackcoat victory, they can instead ensure that both sides would both be destroyed. Despite all the possibilities for the cause, what is a constant is that there is nuclear hell. And when the remnants of Astraean society return following that nuclear baptism, they endeavor to never again let the mistakes of the past repeat.

Post-Collapse Neofeudal Wasteland (Warlords rise up following the collapse of Astraea)
Instead of the swift seizure of power that was expected, incompetency and general mistakes by the actors lead the Dual Coup to fail spectacularly. What should have been a day or a week at most ends up being the beginning of a great civil war between the newfound Queen-League entente against the Blackcoat government. The sheer scale of warfare waged upon each side does nothing except accelerate destruction for both sides, culminating in the total collapse of authority from all factions. In the wake of the power vacuum local military commands and megacorporate remnants begin to seize territory for themselves and establish an era of neofeudalism and territory of petty states ruled by warlords.

The Nightmare of Tomorrow (Astral Command falls to Blackcoat Control)
Before the Dual Coup even happens, before Arianus even becomes emboldened, the influence of the Council for National Salvation creeps into Astral Command. What was once a safe haven from the Blackcoats that was hidden in the stars now becomes the newest subject of focus for the Council. After a leadership purge and many re-indoctrination programs carried out, the Council's control over every aspect of Astraean society became assured. With their tendrils of influence cemented in Astral Command, the Grand Order embarked on a stellar crusade to seize the stars themselves in the name of salvation, the state, and the Saint.

TOP RIGHT: A Big, Bright, Beautiful World
Despite the hardships endured and the arduous work ahead, the people of St. Astraea have awakened from a nightmare and march together toward a utopian dream

Black is our Sorrow, Red is our Wrath (An Anarchist Astraean Revolution)
After decades of oppression by monstrous Blackcoats and their Council for National Salvation, the people grew tired of the cruel order that enslaved them with words of salvation and redemption. Riots like never before seen erupted across the nation. When the Dual Coup came, believed brighter times were ahead, but they quickly returned to the streets once more after the bickering between the Queen's Clique and the League caused governmental gridlock. Seeing that no matter who controlled the state since the people would suffer anyway, the Astraean people returned to once banned thought and rose up in a fiery revolution. Despite being isolated in a world of capitalist and statist influence, they are not deterred. Their new territory, free from both the exploitation of capitalist megacorporations and statist demagogues, celebrate and rebuild toward a future distinctly red and black.

Salvation at Orbital Gunpoint (Valery's Gambit Succeeds)
The Day of the Dual Coup ended with a victory for the anti-Blackcoat entente, specifically due to the leadership and heroic efforts of Captain Valery Anthakos. His elevation in status allows Anthakalos to quickly gamble his newfound influence in an attempt to end the final powerplay of St. Astraea, the subsequent clash between the High Queen's Reformist Clique and the Astral Command led Blue League. When the dust settles, the Stellar Captain now sits as the undisputed czar of the Grand Order, his rivals subdued, and his idealistic dream of a utopian socialist polity coming to fruition, all due to the barrel of an orbital cannon and a finger hovered over a nuclear arsenal. While utopia is currently bought through threats of hellfire, in time the Astraean people slowly come to accept and embrace the Captain’s utopia, with threats of nuclear winter slowly fading away.

The Saint Awakens (The Astraean Great Awakening)
Religion has always played a major role in St. Astraea, with its namesake being a deified religious figure as well as nominally being a theocracy well before the rise of the Blackcoats. Despite promotion of the Blackcoat defined “State Angralism”, there was still sizable traditional Angral worship such as the popular Apostolic Angralism as well as other forms of the faith. Recently there were whispers of a new sect of Angralism forming in St. Astraea led by the teachings of the man simply known as the Adeptus, promoting a paradoxical religious doctrine best described as lying between militant anarchism, utopian socialism, and pacifist liberal theocracy. This newfound religious movement sweeps the nation and many flock to the congregation of the Adeptus, eagerly taking arms to depose the false prophets that were leading the nation astray. Following the Blackcoat’s loss, St. Astraea returns to its holy roots as a religious order that extols the virtues of the Saint and uplifts all children of the world.

A People's Dream Realized (Republicanism Ascendant)
Both the Queen's Clique and the League's most liberal minded members come to an agreement to shatter the system entirely following the post-Coup power struggle. After a soft coup against the leadership of both factions, the liberal members abolish the Grand Order of St. Astraea and instead create the Republic of Astraea. The people are quite receptive of the act and embrace democracy wholeheartedly. Eventually the League's former leaders become prominent members of various parties in the newly created parliament, while Arianus finally lives to her childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

BOTTOM LEFT: Bleak Skies, Dreary Days
A dream of a better tomorrow has faded away, withering like ash as the grimness of the Grand Order takes ahold.

Revisionary Redemption (Gonzalez’s Legacy Secured; Orthodox Fascism)
Grand Marshal Gonzalez’s vision for St. Astraea was one of a “liberal” and “modern moral” doctrine of national salvation. His policies are best described as orthodox fascism. Following his death during the beginning of the Bloody Unrest, Gonzalez’s legacy remained unclear. His faction within the Blackcoat Clique and the Council was in disarray following the death of their leader, with Tenya’s influence quickly gathering. That is until Grand Marshal Prescott intervenes, taking up his friend’s mantle and beating back Tenya’s mad grab for power. After surviving and defeating the traitorous elements involved in the Dual Coup, Prescott reforms and rehabilitates the Blackcoat’s St. Astraea. With a better image and a more palatable state of affairs, St. Astraea is stable and secured with a future among the nations of the world being almost guaranteed.

A Deal with a Monster (Amnesty for Prescott, An Asylum for Tenya)
The sheer magnitude of the Dual Coup operation made it inevitable that information about it would eventually be leaked. Fortunately only the existence of the plan slips from the tightly sealed lips of the League, unfortunately said knowledge ends up in the lap of Grand Marshal Prescott. But instead of rounding up and arresting the conspirators, he offers them all information and support needed for the coup to succeed on the condition that neither he nor Tenya are killed. The League, out of options, quickly accepts and the Blackcoat regime is officially ended. Yet the monsters that lead it still live, with Tenya getting a light prison sentence due to a plea of insanity and Prescott being totally pardoned. Despite the cries for vengeance by the people, there is no justice to be delivered in the new order. The monsters still live and the tormented must move on.

Her Gilded Cage (The High Queen Crushed and Puppeted)
Astral Command waits longer to enact their planned seizure of power. Life goes on and High Queen Arianus’ leads her assembled clique of reformists and dreamers to attempt a coup d’etat. Despite her ambition, without the Astral Command Arianus’ forces simply lack the military force to back up her demands and her act of insurrection is shattered. Her supporters are executed and Arianus is locked in the Celestial Palace, with human contact minimal, as punishment. With a crackdown on any potential allies, Astral Command bides its time and elects to wait for a time to strike in the future. As for the High Queen, Arianus is a fragmented remnant of herself. The life in those eyes are snuffed out, just like her father before her. Her hands will hold nothing ever again besides the rubber stamp that empowers her captors.

A Tale of Two Cities (Homeland and Colonial Separation)
Despite their ambitions, the Astral Command decides to refrain from interfering in terrestrial St. Astraea and instead adheres to the agreement with the Council which grants them near independent autonomy in the vast reaches of the colonies. While life in Astral Command’s Colonial Authority is prosperous, Councilist Astraea suffers as it begins its own interstellar colonization efforts as well as secure its own stability in the homeland. St. Astraea remains split between the two rivalling societies, the Command and the Council, and the nation remains divided as ever.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Victory and Reconstruction
The Blackcoats are defeated, yet the dream of utopia that was expected is far from grasping. But St. Astraea will know peace now, for the nightmare is finally over.

Vengeance and Bloody Justice (Moral Mass Executions)
The Dual-Day Coup succeeds and the subsequent power struggle following it is resolved to make way for a return to the old constitutional monarchy of the Grand Order following a period of de-facto military dictatorship. To ensure that reforms will pass as well as to ensure justice for the countless dead, the military government enacts a series of purges of massive scale against Blackcoat collaborators of any form. While many are killed, including many innocents, St. Astraea is assuredly free from any lingering Blackcoat influence.

Reformist Messianic Absolutism (Arianus drags the Order to a Better Tomorrow)
The power struggle following the Dual Coup led to a total victory for High Queen Arianus and her Reformer's Clique. The League has been subdued and loyalist officers have replaced the heroic, but misguided officers. Despite this, there is still fierce resistance from upper Astraean society, megacorporations, and the government to accept her reforms. Just when all hope for reform seeks lost, Arianus embraces a progressive paternalistic absolute monarchism by claims of a saint given right and divine mandate. With this newfound power, she uses pragmaticism, shrew cunning, and brute force to ram her reforms down the throats of resistant Astraeans to ensure Astraea would not wallow in the shadow of its nightmare.

A Change in Management (A Fleet with a State)
To the surprise of no one, Astral Command wins the ensuing post-Dual Coup power struggle. The Queen is once again sidelined and kept as a figurehead for the new Astral administration. Despite promising reform into a constitutional monarchy, as was the Grand Order in the past, the new leaders of the nation maintain a de facto military dictatorship. While life is leagues better than underneath the Blackcoats, the common citizen can only wonder if their claims of transitioning to constitutional monarchy and implementation of democracy are true.

League-Queen’s Clique Axis (Unity between the Saviors of the Grand Order)
Although there was believed to be an incoming power struggle following the Dual-Coup, St. Astraea as a whole breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced the Astral Command and the Queen’s Clique would work together to heal the nation. With the combined efforts of both the League and the Queen’s reformers, reforms to Astraean society are bulldozed through a reluctant opposition. While the two leading factions are ostensibly in a joint-partnership, within due time the lines between the League and the Clique become erased and St. Astraea truly becomes a united nation once more.

The Kingdom of St Astraea