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Japan Protects its Airspace at Liancourt Rocks
Analysis: Tokyo Puts the Imperial Air Force on Alert.



      11:41 AM TOKYO TIME

      TOKYO METROPOLIS — With the recent event that took place, where 4 Korean aircraft were in Japanese airspace. The Minister of Defense, Yoshimura Hirofumi, wasted no time and called a meeting with the National Security Council chaired by the Prime Minister Koizumi and the Chief of the Joint Staff, Gen. Kōji Yamazaki, and the Chief of the Air Staff, Gen. Shunji Izutsu. During the meeting, Hirofumi said, “what Korea did was not an “accident”, but a large-scale provocation in the invasion of our airspace . . . Therefore, to strengthen our airspace around the islands, we must place our Imperial Air Force in action!” Where Gen. Shunji Izutsu showed full support for Hirofumi, as well as the Prime Minister and the other Generals.

            "Seoul's actions are having bad consequences.” — Chief of the Joint Staff, Gen. Kōji Yamazaki is not at all pleased with Seoul's actions.

      Following the meeting with the National Security Council, the Ministry of Defense has publicly announced that the Imperial Air Force will send x 8 Kawasaki T-4 light attack variants, x 8 Mitsubishi F-15J and x 8 Mikoyan MiG-29.

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