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The Great Celtic War

[nation]Sebastiania[/nation] had already annexed [b]Norway[/b], [b]Finland[/b], [b]Denmark[/b], [b]Estonia[/b] and a part of [b]Russia[/b].
The next step was to aim high. [b]The Celtic[/b], which included the [b]United Kingdom[/b], [b]Isle of Man[/b] and the entirety of [b]Ireland[/b], was next. 
The Sebastianian military performed a naval invasion on the south-east coast of [b]England[/b], around [i]Gillingham[/i], where they had successfully pushed their way through unexpecting [b]British[/b] defense forces with [b]Sebastianian Armed Robotics Forces[/b] infantrymen ([b]S.A.R.F[/b]).
From [i]Gillingham[/i] the Sebastianian military made their way through the [b]United Kingdom[/b] to [b]Isle of Man[/b], and later [b]Ireland[/b] as a whole.
The Sebastianians won [b]the Great Celtic War[/b] and now owned [i]almost all[/i] of [b]Northern Europe[/b].