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The Second Golden-Red War (Group SR:RP)

Divided Intion North
Participating nations: Cereskia, Tameside, Republica Guilleana - WACA Fund, Batatoland Empire, The Cascadian Bioregion

Reds' plans:

GFR's plans:

Fleet 1 will first dispatch rebel forces on Dimitriy Island, and then send ground forces to Capture the coast surrounding Cape Bastok.

Fleet 2 will begin shelling Batlan island's West coast when rebel forces aren't active.

The COA Peacekeeping Force will deploy ground troops via a fleet of 15 Helicopters from 3 Aircraft Carriers stationed in Port Montana.

Previous Rebel territory captured by allies is expected to be visited by COA Humanitarian Forces.

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More and more riots rage across Intion North.
Intion south and Republica Guilleana have become a safe haven for the Golden Doves (the capitalists) as the north rural regions are falling under the control of the Red shirts. Port Montana and few areas located on the border with Republica Guilleana are the only territories in the north which are still in favor of the Capitalists. With borders now drawn, the nation is teetering on the edge of a second Golden-Red War (Capitalist vs socialist civil war)

Intion North wrote:SR:RP
Shots were fired today, near the city suburbs of Port Montana - the last pocket of GFR Defense in the North. The socialists Red Shirts, who wanted to quickly enforce the new regime and consolidate the power of President Norahl marked Port Montana as their first objective.

Whilst a local conflict began near Port Montana, the socialist sympathisers volunteered to join the established new Red Divisions. The GFR commanded by ex-president Roosevelt, operating from Republica Guilleana, with the support of the WACA Fund, Tameside was ready to hold the line drawn across Centropa - the central state of Intion North.

The recently promoted for his expedition to Baltan Island Grand Admiral McHorten quickly took control of the Delta-upstream Task Force in order to provide air-to-ground support (CAS) in the skirmishes between the reds and the goldens near Port Montana.

The civil war was about to begin

Intion North wrote:SR:RP
GFR has established their back line in the Centropean Front. Tameside's Elite Spear Brigade will conduct charges and attacks while the Golden brigades hold the ground.

Roosevelt managed to flee back to Capitalist Intion North and command the Golden Forces from there. Judging by the gathered intelligence, he believes that City of Severn will be the first target of the Red Shirts. It is of great importance to hold this metropolis as it will allow the Reds to have second port to import arms from.

The skirmishes around Port Montana become more and more intense. Therefore, McHorten had to initiate air raids on Red Troops.

With borders drawn and sides mobilized, the Second Golden-Red War began.

Cereskia wrote:SR RP

Since Intion North is a COA member, the COA top notches orders the COA peacekeeping force to be immediately mobilized, the Cereskian Military will be soon to join, cereskian military bases in Intion North is alerted to mobilize forces into Rebel territory.

The COA Peacekeepers send 2,500 Men, 85 Helicopters, 105 Tanks, 14 Fighter Jets and the Cereskian Naval fleet is ordered to move to the Intionian Bay.

Images: COA Helicopters on their way to Port Montana

Intion North wrote:I genuinely love this map. Good job!
SR:RP Golden-Red Civil War
The Battle of Baltan

GFR Forces on Baltan, united under the Formal Golden Dove Flag, were barely holding their line in the fight against the socialists. Since most of Baltan is a jungle Federal soldiers often found themselves among trees speaking Baltanese. Socialists' HQ was located on the western part of the island but it was impossible to reach if attacked directly through the vast rainforests since ambushes were extremely effective. Coordinating with the Federal troops on the island, Cereskian Second fleet began shelling the Baltanese West Coast destroying several comm towers. After their amphibious landing Cereskian marines conducted several spec-operations by further sabotaging communications. The socialists on the island quickly found themselves disorganized and consequently, most of them surrendered. The island was fully taken by the GFR and Cereskian armed forces and COA Humanitarian Forces arrived to supply natives with aid.

The Centropan front got a completely different look, however. GFRs were heavily pushed back by the Reds and soon the Battle of Severn would begin...

Cereskia wrote:SR RP

Operation Damocles is underway, The COA Troops were extracted by helicopter to unite with allied forces at Port Montana, their goal is to encircle a large portion of enemy troops and supplies and cut them off of their main division, there they would starve the red soldiers of men, supplies, rations and ammunition until they surrender, if they do not surrender after 3 days, the "sword of Damocles" will fall onto them. The Invasion force will advance into the cut off enemy territory.

Meanwhile, in Dimitriy island, The Fleet is deploying their payload of men onto the shore, the Destroyers and Guided Missile Cruisers would use their armament to silence artillery, after 34 hours, the enemy position at Dimitriy island surrenders, one day after that, the COA Peacekeeping force commence operation Damocles, they encircle enemy troops and hold the line, ensuring that the main enemy division doesn't break the COA line and get to the trapped enemy soldiers.

The Cascadian Bioregion wrote:SR:RP Golden-Red Civil War
Unknown Location
Cascadian troops finally exit their training phase and are in waiting in lush forests.
"What's our first force of action, general?" said one troop.
"Intion forces need backup in Severn, We can flank and surround the socialists by heading towards Severn." The general replied.
"But, ma'am, wouldn't we die?" a troop asked
"Shut your mouth and have honour for our new land and new allies." the general replied.
Cascadian forces set out at night, and began towards Severn, hoping to aid Intion North and Cereskian forces.
To be continued....

Tameside wrote:SR RP

Tameside Reinforces The Cascadian Troops Heading Towards Serven By Bombarding The Paths Where The Socialists Are Marching On

Batatoland Empire wrote:"After a long meeting with the marshals, the Batatoland empire descends to send supplies such as weapons, food and medicine to Intion North, but for now, no soldiers"
Intion North

Cereskia wrote:SR RP

Cape Bastok, 00:17

Cereskian Troops are given the All clear to land at Cape Bastok, before that, the fleet of ships commence a surprise attack by firing rockets and shells at the coastal defences, for 9 straight minutes, the coast is battered with cannon fire.

When the smoke cleared, the landing craft are launched to the Cape. 3 FJ-6S Firespitter fighter planes strafe the enemy trenches, to ensure light resistance. The silence of the night is broken by sounds of gunfire, and the painful screams of dying men. eventually, the eastern coast of Cape Bastok is secured, Cereskian generals is planning to surround enemy positions in the Pehotino hills, as part of operation Damocles, they would follow the same tactics the COA Peacekeeping forces use, and starve the enemy, if they don't surrender after 3 days of starvation, the soldiers would advance up the slopes of the Pehotino Hills, for now, they are focusing the Entire coast of Cape bastok and southern Kratkozem.

Intion North wrote:SR:RP Golden-Red Civil War
The Battle of Severn - the "Miracle of Vistula" of Intion North
GFRs were ready for the inevitable Red push on Severn. The day before the battle both sides had established tactical comms, GFRs had entrenched themselves near Camp Surrey.

The Battle began early in the morning the next day. The reds began semi-trench warfare with GFRs and shelled their positions with their back-up artillery. Their plan was to keep most of GFR busy defending Camp Surrey while flanking them from the north-east. Red reinforcements were on the way to the hammer through Surgomaster Farm Camp positions.

GFRs knew about the incoming reinforcements because of The Cascadian Bioregion's surveillance planes. Thus they have requested help from Tameside's Elite Spear Task Force.
They knew they had to do something fast or the incoming Reds would soon overrun their positions.

A few soldiers from Helvetica Squadron volunteered to rush and sabotage the Reds Comm Tower in Iona House. Although it sounded extremely risky at first, Roosevelt allowed them to do initiate their plan.

Helvetica Squadron quickly made their way to Iona House and observed what they had to deal with. The tower was guarded by 27 soldiers... perhaps, compared to only 8 from the Helvetica Squadron which was soon spotted by a Red. The few soldiers rushed towards the tower hopelessly because they were under heavy fire when they suddenly saw a The Cascadian Bioregion's flag from the near forest.

"Jesus, Intion North's bushes are so dense!" - shouted someone from there.

This was the 1st Division led by Mary Brooks which was lost in the lush forests around Severn and by pure luck had found its way to Severn - especially where it was needed the most.

The Comms tower was soon sabotaged by the combined force of 1st Cascadian Division and Helvetica Squadron. Reds reinforcements arrived at the skirmish of Surrey Camp instead of flanking GFR forces which meant that they would quickly find themselves surrounded.

The battle resulted in an unexpected GFR victory which would lead the Golden Republic into a series of successful battles in the Centropan Fron. The outcome of the war was to be decided by the Cereskian naval invasion. And as the ships bombarded the east coast and the sounds of gunfire roared in Iztochnia and Port Montana, it was still uncertain who was going to win

Republica Guilleana wrote:SR RP

Today, the minister of Defense, to gether with the minister of Foreign Affairs, has decided to send a group of soldiers to help the Golden Doves of Intion North.

Nyock wrote:SR RP

In a official address to the people of Nyock, the king has officially declared his support of the golden doves of Intion North and is sending a detachment of battleships to blockade the socialists

The Cascadian Bioregion wrote:SR:RP Golden-Red Civil War
Mary Brooks' arrival

"Well, the lush bushes are done with now, and now I'll begin tallying, how many men have we lost on the first squadron?" Mary Brooks began.
"98." A solider shouted.
"Excellent, the other three squadrons, what about you?" she then asked.
"106, 110 and 147" three other solders shouted
"Okay then, not too bad for our months of training." Mary Brooks said.
The Cascadian forces rested down and waited for further instructions from Mary Brooks who began discussion with Intion North Generals upon their next target city.
"Troops, rest, we shall move in the night again, so be prepared." she barked.
"Ma'am, yes ma'am!" all troops shouted back.

Weeeest viiiiirginiaaaa wrote:SR RP
the plane using to evacuate the leaders of the socialist rebels in Intion North has crashed mysteriously in the skies of Terraviae. preliminary reports say that the damage was likely caused by a fluke meteor strike, but no meteor has yet been found. other questions have been raised about the odd trajectory of the object, it was deemed to be ballistic in nature. reports of military personnel with retrofitted AA weapons have been stated, but nothing yet has been substantiated. the crash had one survivor, however, they succumbed to an accidental overdose of morphine given by a nurse fresh from medical school in a local hospital. no autopsy is expected as they will be given a revolutionaries funeral and the body put in a place to properly honor their sacrifice, which shall not be disclosed to the public to prevent grave robbing or desecration

Weeeest viiiiirginiaaaa wrote:SR RP
official government statement on the plane crash: it's very tragic, yes, very tragic. nobody expected this, not in the slightest. even if you did though, we couldn't have stopped that meteor. I just don't know why our meteorologists didn't predict any meteor showers, but that's weather forecasting for you. we are temporarily restricting access to the area so nobody tampers with any evidence. that will be all.