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Daily News of The Communist Bloc - February 25th 2021

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Give a warm welcome to our newest comrades: The people of francia, The Regime of TigerStar, Voridsbuns, Ashtithe, Kunsavi, Western Arizona, Estax, and Soviet WeEkliNgz

Here is today's news:

Executive Affairs

  • The LinkJudiciary Election has ended. Congratulations to our new Justices:

  • The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has posted a voting thread on the current resolution: Link"Condemn Lily". Vote in this thread to determine how our delegate votes.

  • The TCB Card Factory has opened its doors! This program includes regional giveaways, a regional art museum, card requests, and of course, shiny 1% International Artwork badges. TCBs Card Factory will also be asking for a team of volunteers to help operate card farms to ensure a steady supply of cards are being printed. Think you can help? Sign up today.

  • The Minister of Domestic Affairs has released the Regional Development Program! This is a great way to figure out how to raise specific stats for your nation. If you're not sure how to answer your issues, give this a read. It works as a guide, letting you know how your answers will affect your nation and your stats.

  • Check out the Law Archive! It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document will be updated as new laws get passed.

  • The Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Ministry of Information are recruiting volunteers. Sign up here:

Legislative Affairs


  • Check out this weeks Saturday Edition. Congratulations to last weeks puzzle winners: The Union of Malaysian Socialists, Sodoran Alesia, Solveneia, Feyrisshire and Vestrik

  • The Regional Development Corps have released their first goal for the region, which is to raise the Average Income of Poor statistic. Check out this dispatch for more information on the goal and how to get it done.

  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple, and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back.

  • Our forums are online, but unfortunately, we have lost a whole year of data. If you applied for citizenship after January of 2020 (Feb-Dec of 2020), make sure to reapply!. You may also have to recreate your account. Apologies for this inconvenience. The government will be working as quickly as possible to re-accept citizenship applications. In order to prevent this from happening again in the future, we will be discussing our options and holding a vote on a potential forum transfer in the near future. Stay tuned! (Disclaimer : this only applies if you were registered as a citizen in between February 2020 and December 2020. If you have joined TCB after this time period you do not need to re-apply for citizenship)

This Day in History
By Theria Han

To be written, check back for update

While run by the Ministry of Information, the Daily News does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information Pajonia on NationStates or Ant(Pajonia) in the Regional Discord for any corrections, suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

This article was authored by Pajonia. "This Day in History" is authored by volunteer of the MoI, Theria Han