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Enkar Laws

    Law 1
    Please keep it civil.
    Please keep it all civil, don't seek out arguments constantly is VERY bannable.
    Specially attempts to take over the region and stay in power throught arguments and also trying to argue your way out of everything will ALWAYS end up in a 2-12 months ban.
    Law 2
    Don't spam

    You really should't spam, spamming is annoying, and will make it harder to read other's mesasges.
    Spamming will get you a warning, but if you reach 4 warnings you will get kicked from the region's discord. Same goes for the RMB.

    Law 3
    No NSFW content

    NSFW Content such as gore and porn are outlawed, since it makes people uncomfortable.
    Specially gore is very outlawed and you should NEVER send it in any channel.
    Gore will get you a 2 week ban
    Porn will get you a 2 day mute.

    Law 4
    No pinging without real reasons

    We understand that people can get annoyed because of random pings. In my opnion it is stupid to be annoyed by a simple @everyone. There are some people who take it too far, where they get annoyed even about important announcements that have a everyone ping.
    Therefore, please don't ping people without a good reason.

    Randomly pinging people nonstop will end up in a 2 day mute.

    Law 5
    Don't overshare information

    Understanding that people need privacy, we understand everyone needs privacy but if you tell about yourself too much will certainly get you in danger. And we don't want that!
    If you really want to tell about yourself, then go talk tosomeone in real life that you trust, where it's less dangerous.

    This will get you a warn.
    5 warns = 1 week mute.

    Law 6

    NEVER Discriminate anyone, discrimination is a horrible thing and is VERY bannable!!
    No matter their religion, no matter their skin color, no matter they sexuality, DO NOT descriminiate anyone!

    Discriminiating someone will end up in a 5-12 month ban.
    Law 7
    Swearing too much

    I don't think you should swear too much in this region, it can get really annoying and it's also immature.

    Swearing too much will get you a warn.
    If you keep doing it you'll get a 1 day mute.

    Law 8
    Very offensive slurs

    Yeah, you should't say things like the n-word or something racist or homophobic, any very offensive slurs will get you muted for 1 day.

    Law 9

    Seriously, don't impersonate someone. Everyone deserves to have their own identity and it's a horrible thing for your own identity to get stolen by someone else!

    Identitiy stealing will get you a 6-12 month ban.

    Law 10
    Not being in the NS region, but being in the discord server.

    Since spies are a current worry, you HAVE to be in the NS reigon before joining the discord server.
    No exceptions.
    Not joining when being warned to join is a kick.
    Being warned several times (5+ times) will get you banned.

    Law 11
    Anti-Seora policy

    All contact is cut with Seora. No diplomatic actions. No Seoran members. No former Seoran members. No Seoran cabinet. No exceptions.