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The Military Manifesto

The Military Manifesto

Hello there. The Military Manifesto, first and foremost, is not a political party. What the Military Manifesto is is a number of Thaecians coming together to show their support to the current and future governments and Congresses for the regional military, currently known as the Thaeimpirial Army [TEA]. To support this manifesto is to join the political fight for Thaecian laws to allow members of the Thaecian military - which has served the region incredibly well since the start of its second iteration - more freedom. Ask Brototh or Andusre if you would like to be added as a Signatory.

Citizen's Concerns

The Thaecian citizenry,

Concerned that the attitudes and policy proposals of many members of the Thaecian government - and those running to be part of said government - would stifle the growth of the region's military through the following suggested means:

  • Forcing the military to abide by draconian and unworkable procedures for informing Congress which jeopardises both the operation itself & the operational security of any given military activity,

  • Constraining the military to only conduct one aspect of the Raiding/Defending (R/D) dichotomy, such as having a Defender-only army, in spite of both the significant interest in trying both sides and the Foreign Affairs opportunities offered by taking part in both forms,

  • Frustrating the regional military wherever possible by exploiting the quirks in the Military Commission Act 2020,

Frustrated by the military's critics' lack of acknowledgement of the significant excitement and interest amongst the Thaecian population in taking part in R/D and the refusal to recognise that the military offers a unique and important way to integrate and engage the citizenry,

Irked by the determination of some to use political shenanigans to block, frustrate and thwart the fun of other Thaecians,

Acknowledging that the regional military provides a miraculous opportunity to further the region's Foreign Affairs, as evidenced by:

Worried that the continued obstruction of the regional military prevents Thaecia from these pursuing Foreign Affairs goals and those of future Thaecian administrations, thus holding back the progress the region has been working on for almost a whole year to build a good, solid name in the inter-regional community,

Hereby supports the principles laid out in the following section.

Citizen's Demands

Signatories of the Military Manifesto support the following ideas:

The laws of Thaecia should allow Congress the ability to hold the regional military to some degree of accountability, but not to such a degree that military activity is needlessly or questionably stifled or impinged upon,

Congress should not, without concrete justification (such as the incurring of significant harm to the region's Foreign Affairs, or to protest/block the griefing of a region), unnecessarily interfere in the affairs of the regional military,

The Executive branch should conduct rigorous self-oversight of the military and its activity to maintain standards of accountability,

The military should be free to structure itself largely as it pleases, free from the constraints of bureaucratic laws,

The military should be to conduct and take part in operations mostly as it sees fit,

The Military Commission Act 2020 should be amended to make Thaecian participation in the griefing of regions (such as the applications of passwords, banning natives, et cetera) unlawful

The Military Commission Act 2020 should be amended to adjust the current rules & procedures for 'Congressional Oversight' to allow the military to conduct operations in a way which maintains its own accountability, protects operational security and furthers the region's Foreign Affairs goals.