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The main ships that the Navy uses is the S-5 Patroller, but there are some ships that are used in special circumstances.
S-5 Patroller

The S-5 Patroller (occasionally called the Sea 5) is the standard navy ship, equipped with 10 guns around the bow and hull. It has radars and sonar detectors, which can intercept any transmission that is happening within a mile of it. The average crew is around 225, but can be more or less depending on the circumstances. It can also be a cargo loader to bring to ports. The navy currently has 17 of these.

The OSC-0 is one of the special ships that the navy uses. It has 15 guns around the center and high tech sonar and radar. Average crew is 250. The navy currently has 4 of these

The STOB-100 is an extremely powerful battleship and is only used in the most dire situations. It has 20 guns around the hull and has world-class sonar and radar. Average crew is 375, and the navy has a mere 3 of these.